Outriders To Improve On Performance Of Servers And Bug Fixes (1)

If you are planning to jump into People Can Fly’s Outriders, and who would not be at this point, you could be put off by the reports of intermittent server disruptions and the community being unable to get into the game. Of course, that is all true, but things are improving all the time. Following the less than ideal launch, the development team of Outriders has been focused on the issues, and players can expect improvements to the servers in the coming weeks.

The team has been providing timely updates for the servers in the days following launch. Over the weekend, more players were finally able to join the game as was supposed to be the case. However, that will not be enough. Until the day when players can reliably join the game and not get kicked out, the work has to continue. We should certainly expect no less.


The high player count Outriders has attracted is a great indicator of success. Yet, another important part of it is retaining them. Having servers perform as intended will be the top priority for People Can Fly and Square Enix. That said, it is not the only issue that the team has to look at.

Outriders To Improve On Performance Of Servers And Bug Fixes (2)

Repairs in progress

As more begin their adventures in Outridersa number of bugs and glitches have been reported in the game as well. A Reddit post chronicling all of the different known issues reveals numerous problems that players might run into on different platforms. The safe bet is that just like the servers, the Outriders development team is scrambling to fix as many of them as possible before players run out of patience.

If you need a quick update on the server status at any time, the official website has got you covered. For those that need help trying to figure out the intricacies of the world, we are here to help. Check out some of our guides to give yourself the best chance of surviving the dangers of Outriders — outside of servers going down.

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