Over 20 million watch the DOTA 2 International 4


ESPN were certainly pleased with their DOTA 2 International 4 viewing numbers and now we have more details on who watched.

Although The Inernational 4‘s final wasn’t exactly riveting, the  peak concurrent online viewer number for this year’s event was well over 2 million. The numbers come from the live streams and do not include figures from ESPN 3 or other TV networks as far as we know. Overall around 20 million viewers tuned into the event during its broadcast.

The massive prize pool of over $5 million for the winners will have been one of the reasons for the high numbers. Many viewers probably tuned in to see what would actually happen as both finalists will have been under extreme pressure.

This year the Newbie Stream was also added for anyone who knew little about DOTA 2 and all the terminology. This will have undoubtedly helped to attract a new audience.

The good news for Valve and eSports in general is that this year’s numbers were double last year’s showing that there is more interest in both DOTA 2 and eSports in general.

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