Bask In Summer Goodness With Overcooked 2 Sun's Out Buns Out Dlc (2)

Even more culinary goodness awaits players, as Overcooked 2 has more new content to throw into the pot. Available now, the seasonal DLC that is Sun’s Out Buns Out will add a fresh plate of free content to the party game. Team17 and Ghost Town Games are giving players more levels, dishes, and even cooks to play with.

Given the amount of time everyone is spending indoors, perhaps you need an excuse to shout at one another in order to de-stress. Overcooked 2 is perfect for that.

Summer loving

The Sun’s Out Buns Out DLC sees the addition of two new adorable canine chefs, five new levels with their own zany kitchens, and of course, new recipes. Since it’s now summer, you can look forward to whipping up delicious ice cream floats and summer salads for your customers. You’ll also find plenty of hot dogs and sauces to go around. This marks the return of sauce dispensers after we last feared them in the game’s Carnival of Chaos.

And it wouldn’t be Overcooked 2 without some crazy hazards. Aspiring summer cooks will need to watch out for fireworks, moving floats, and even confetti. How that might affect your culinary skills remains to be seen. We expect to see plenty of flames, especially with the pyrotechnics in play. Hopefully, you’ve gotten good with the extinguisher.

Bask In Summer Goodness With Overcooked 2 Sun's Out Buns Out Dlc (1)

Cooks wanted

With the game available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, it’s a perfect time to see what everyone is crazy about. That, plus the fact that the Sun’s Out Buns Out DLC is free, makes for a sweet offering.

We definitely loved our time in the Overcooked 2 kitchen. Our review found the game to have “the right kind of balance of being both easy to play and challenging at the same time.” It’s a fun experience, one ready for anyone to join in on. And the summer seems like a perfect time for that.

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