Overland limited access available now

Overland limited access available now

If you fancy getting in on Overland, 1000 keys are up for sale now.

I’m not quite sure why there are such a limited number of keys available for what’s essentially an early access version of the game, but that’s how it works. $20 will net you access to the game right now, with new content available every month, and future access to the Steam version of the game. Right now, it’s just on itch.io.

For the unaware, Overland is a post-apocalyptic rogue-lite-like-lite road trip. It’s a “squad-based survival strategy game” with procedural generation, in which you’re trying to get across a post-apocalyptic North America. You’ll have to manage supplies like fuel, weapons, and medkits, while trying to survive the random events thrown your way. You can see a previously released trailer below.

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