Overwatch 2 Beta

After what feels like an eternity of no actual progress or news, Overwatch 2 might finally be in our hands soon. This feeling of optimism comes with the announcement of a public beta for Overwatch 2, which starts this April. It almost felt like this day would never come, but at least it’s finally here. We aren’t just getting a barebones beta either, we’ll be able to test out tons of new maps, a new gamemode, and even a new hero.

We’ve already seen some footage of Overwatch 2 on new maps, as well as its new gamemode. The game will also transition to a 5v5 system, rather than 6v6. Role queue is still in effect, meaning each team will only have one tank. Probably the biggest thing we’ll get to test in the upcoming beta is the new hero, Sojourn. This character wields a massive railgun that can be fired as an automatic or single-shot weapon.


How to sign up for the Overwatch 2 beta

To sign up for the Overwatch 2 beta, follow this link here. After navigating this page, you’ll see a link that takes you to Battle.net. Log in with your account and try to opt-in. You might notice you can’t sign up immediately, but keep trying. This upcoming beta will be the first in a wave of testing periods, but all we know as of now is that it’ll start at some point in April. You’ll be able to test out Sojourn, new maps, the new Push game mode, and hero reworks for Orisa, Bastion, Sombra, and Doomfist. Oh, and there’s also a new ping system!

The initial release plan for Overwatch 2 seems to be to release the PvP mode, with the PvE content coming at a later date. This is probably for the best, as most players want their hands on Overwatch 2 for PvP. You can watch the latest developer update, which details plans on how the Overwatch team will get the game out quicker.

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