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Overwatch 2 community devastated after Blizzard cancels old PvE plans

Hello darkness, my old friend...

Overwatch 2 fans have waited patiently for years for the long-promised PvE-mode to come to the game, fitted with ambitious features such as talent trees and skill progression. Unfortunately, with the release of the latest Overwatch 2 roadmap, Blizzard has revealed that the original plans for PvE have effectively been canceled, leaving players who were excited about the new core PvE mode in the dust. Content creators and players alike have been speaking out, wondering why Overwatch 2 even happened in the first place.

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Overwatch 2 was originally pitched as a huge PvE expansion, reworking PvP alongside it. PvE was promised as a big reason why Overwatch 2 was developed in the first place and also used as a justification for a period of time in the original Overwatch where new content wasn’t being released. Original plans for PvE were ambitious, featuring talent trees and hero progression which allowed heroes to customize many of their skills and abilities. For example, heroes like Tracer would have been able to equip a Pulse Bomb that could cause a chain reaction in enemies.

Community reaction to Overwatch 2 PvE news

Overwatch 2 2023 Roadmap

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Needless to say, the community reaction to this news has not been positive, with negative reactions from the deepest echelons of Reddit and huge content creators speaking out as well. In a tweet by KarQ, he stated: “I mean if you over promise and under deliver, people are going to be disappointed. I know I am.” Another large creator, Alpharad, tweeted: “It seems as if Overwatch 2 has scrapped the reason Overwatch 2 was made in the first place.”

You can check out the community roadmap here for some more details about what will replace PvE. In short, the old plans for PvE were scrapped in favor of “Story Missions,” although the scope of these missions has not been revealed yet.

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