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The coolest anime around has finally made it to Overwatch 2. The One Punch Man x Overwatch 2 collaboration is now live and features four new skins based on the characters of the hit anime. You can conquer the world and climb up the rankings of the Hero Association when you get your hands on these new branded skins. Additionally, the Overwatch 2 March 2023 patch notes detail a decent amount of hero changes, buffing and nerfing some characters to help shake up the meta.

This collaboration between One Punch Man and Overwatch 2 is a first for the game, and we literally could not have asked for a better choice. Doomfist is the star here with his on-point Saitama skin, using his massive fist to channel the energy of the strongest man alive. Kiriko’s Tatsumaki skin (or Terrible Tornado) allows her to float some heals in the direction of her allies. Meanwhile, Genji is the perfect choice for the heroic android Genos, and Soldier: 76 blasts in with his Mumen Rider bicycle.

March 2023 patch notes detail One Punch Man and Overwatch 2 changes

These exciting cosmetics headline a pretty expansive update, which includes further fixes to matchmaking, introduces new modes, and balances out some heroes. These balance changes are mostly mild touch-ups, but Roadhog players will enjoy a mild quality-of-life buff that reduces the cooldown of his Chain Hook from 8 to 6 seconds. Zarya players will also enjoy a slight buff which reduces the cooldown of her barriers by one second. Orisa, Ramattra, and Wrecking Ball received some minor changes as well.

Meanwhile, Ashe received a rather interesting change to her ultimate, as B.O.B. will now focus on enemies that Ashe has shot with her rifle. Hanzo received a mobility buff, decreasing his Lunge cooldown, while Pharah can now better utilize her Jump Jet with directional inputs. Mei, Sojourn, and Baptiste are among the heroes who received changes as well. You’ll be able to test out all of these balance fixes in a new competitive Mystery Heroes mode, which is set to begin on March 14.

Check out the One Punch Man and Overwatch 2 collaboration today, and read up on the full patch notes here to find out how the update impacted your favorite heroes.

Overwatch 2 March 2023 patch notes introduce One Punch Man skins and hero changes doomfist

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