Overwatch 2 patch: Roadhog one-shot nerf, Sojourn gets a downgrade

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A few big nerfs have been implemented in Blizzard’s hit team-based first-person shooter, Overwatch 2. Players have been calling for a few adjustments to the damage balance for a number of the characters, and Blizzard has delivered. Yesterday, Blizzard implemented a patch to nerf the Roadhog one-shot, as well as changing Sojourn’s charge potential.

We spoke about the previous nerf in a hotfix back in December, which saw changes to Sojourn and Kiriko, but Roadhogs’ one-shot nerf never transpired. Now with a swathe of new tweaks, we see everyone’s favorite pig-man take a bit of a blow and have his one-shot ability weakened. That ‘Pure hog power’ is no more, and the softer players can breathe a sigh of relief.

Sojourn also sees yet another nerf as her wildly overpowered rail gun is taken down a peg or two. Power gain and damage are both less effective, hopefully making for a more equal feeling time-to-kill.

Roadhog one-shot nerf is live

Roadhog’s feared chain ability is taking a huge hit. It’s damage is dropping from 30 points down to a game-changing 5. This combines with a big drop in his bullet damage reducing each pellet from 6.6 to 6. This may not seem like a lot but consider that each shot contains 25 pellets.

A few minor buffs still make the one-man apocalypse worth playing with boosts to reload time, recovery time, and carried ammo. It isn’t all bad.

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New patch introduces Sojourn rail gun nerf

This is one that has been requested by the community for some time. Her railgun shots are now only charged by 5 energy per hit rather than being based on damage dealt. This stops her weapon from being able to be wildly overpowered when assisted by a character like Mercy. Previously, any kind of damage boost would also result in a huge boost to the railgun charge time. We may finally see the end of the Mercy – Sojourn pocket.

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