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The work on Overwatch 2 isn’t done yet. Blizzard is promising to make even more sweeping changes during Overwatch 2‘s PvP beta, according to a recent developer post. Overwatch 2, which adds to and expands on the foundation of the original, made significant changes to heroes like Bastion, Sombra, and Orisa, while also adding a new hero. Additionally, new maps and game modes were released, giving players new ways and places to fight and play the game. But before the beta ends, Overwatch 2 will get even more maps and heroes, with additional reworks to game mechanics in the plans.

As this is the first PvP beta for Overwatch 2, there wasn’t too much released to the public. While we got some significant reworks and general hero changes, as well as Sojourn, much of the game maintained familiarity with the original Overwatch (save for the change from 6v6 to 5v5). However, the developer isn’t done with the previews. Blizzard is planning to introduce more content to the beta, or perhaps to future public betas.


“Importantly, this beta is just our first public test leading up to the future Overwatch 2 PvP release,” Blizzard writes in the post. “Between now and then, we plan to add more content including heroes, maps, and features. There will be a significant amount of overall polish and refinement added in the form of enhanced UI, bug fixes, and more!”

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Assemble all heroes

The team is also aware of complaints from support players that the role does not feel rewarding to play, due to the vulnerability supports face against dive heroes. The lack of a second tank has made more aggressive gameplay and flanking stronger, and support players have felt that to the bone. Fortunately, Blizzard is still planning on giving the role some love, including new support champions that will spice up the role for longtime supporters.

The developers will also continue to refine the balance for all champions across the board, as well as work on some visual aspects of the game, such as the new scoreboard. Queue times will also be addressed, as many players noticed a huge imbalance of queue times across the board, with the tank queue going as long as 10 minutes. Blizzard is also looking into reworks for the Fire system, and how it can work with the new scoreboard.

As the developers continue to work on the game, hopefully, the official release of Overwatch 2 will release with a bang.

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