Overwatch fans get a glimpse of D.Va animated short and the new Busan map

Overwatch fans get a glimpse of D.Va animated short and the new Busan map

Say “annyeong-haseyo” to a couple of treats for Overwatch fans. Blizzard recently unveiled a couple of videos during the Overwatch Fan Festival held in South Korea. The first was an animated short titled “Shooting Star” which focused on Hana Song, also known as D.Va, a pilot for the Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA). The second was a look Busan an upcoming control map. Check out the videos below.

D.Va Animated Short — Shooting Star

D.Va is a fan favorite amongst Overwatch fans. It’s not just because of her unique skills during matches, or because of those fantastic Play of the Game moments with her Ultimate. It’s due to her looks and personality. Hana Song is a pro gamer from a country known for esports and tourneys — South Korea. Her cheerful disposition has had players consider her their “bae” or “waifu” at times — their video game crush.

The Shooting Star animated short gives us a glimpse at D.Va’s battles against the Omnic threat. While her origin story of “gamer-to-hero” isn’t as deep as, say, Widowmaker’s, it’s the lighthearted fun inspired by gaming that shines. In the end, we see D.Va triumph against the odds while also thanking her best friend — Engineer Friendzone. Poor guy can’t get his Tinder game on if Tinder still existed in Overwatch’s timeline.

Overwatch — Busan map

Another thing that Overwatch fans are sure to look forward to is the upcoming Busan map. A brief look at the map shows us how expansive it is. Blizzard mentions that it will have three districts all in one map.

The Sanctuary district is reminiscent of Hanamura — a serene temple that emphasizes unique East Asian aesthetics. Meanwhile, MEKA base shows us where all the planning and repairs happen as seen in the Shooting Star animated short. That’s the headquarters of D.Va and the MEKA team. Finally, we see the bustling Downtown district complete with office buildings, a PC bang (computer arcade), and yes, a KTV entertainment bar. There’s also a light rail transit system that speeds by which means there’s a good chance a noobie Reinhardt will just rush smack dab into it.

As someone who’s visited South Korea in the past, the Busan map shows you how dynamic the location is. It’s a mix of long-held traditions and cultures, along with modern-day centers, plus futuristic depictions. The Overwatch team did a great job in capturing these contrasts and how well they mesh together in South Korea’s metropolises today.

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