Overwatch continues its seasonal celebrations with Halloween Terror 2018. The event starts today and will run until October 31. It will add themed skins for heroes, among other seasonal loot boxes.

    What Are You Dressed As?

    For the uninitiated, the Halloween Terror event brings new costumes and designs for each hero in Overwatch. There are currently 28 selectable characters, each having their own unique seasonal skin. It’s hard to believe that just this year we’ve seen the addition of both Brigitte and Wrecking Ball to the ever-growing roster.

    The trailer below showcases those hero modifications, acting as a sizzle reel for the current season and the event. Some of the alternate costumes include a Slasher: 76, a Jack-o’-lantern Wrecking Ball, and a Swamp Monster Doomfist. In fact, there is even a petition right now to have Doomfist’s alternate costume become “Doomfish” instead of Swamp Monster Doomfist. So, yeah, if you could just plop your John Hancock right there on the dotted line, that would be great.

    Junkenstein’s Revenge

    Junkenstein’s Revenge is a PvE mode where you eliminate various monsters on a round-by-round basis. The co-op mode will also see the addition of some new selectable heroes: Brigitte and Tracer. If anything, this might be a good time for you to jump back into the game, brush up your skills, or even attempt to use a character that you don’t necessarily main.

    The Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 event will run up until October 31. This is also the third year the event has taken place, with it kicking off three weeks prior to Halloween as per usual. In addition to the themed sets, there are also extra loot boxes that can be obtained. If you purchase 50 ($39.99 USD) or more of these loot boxes in a bundle, you will receive 10 additional ones. The loot boxes contain things like sprays, emotes, victory poses, and player icons.

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