Overwatch Sigma Maestro Challenge

Free cosmetics are always music to my ears. Particularly ones with a unique theme that can be acquired through a challenge. And that’s exactly what the Overwatch Sigma Maestro Challenge is. While the challenge is the same as always, the unique legendary skin for Sigma has some serious stand-out appeal.

Sigma’s Maestro Challenge runs from July 14 – 27. So, it’s live in-game already, and your two weeks are ticking away. The video below from the Overwatch team shows off the splendor of the Sigma Maestro skin. Plus, it gives a complete rundown of all the other rewards and what you need to do to earn them.

A symphony of slaughter

There are two ways to get the Overwatch Sigma Maestro Challenge cosmetics. The first, and most important because it gets you the legendary skin, is to win games of Overwatch. The wins can be in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade.

Most Overwatch players know how to dance to this tune by now, but here are the notes if you’re not familiar. Three wins will get you’re the Maestro player icon. Six wins will earn you the legendary Sigma Maestro emote. And nine wins will let you be the maestro himself with the legendary Maestro Sigma skin.

The second way to earn in-game cosmetics is to watch participating streamers on Twitch. You need to link your Blizzard and Twitch accounts if you want to earn these drops. Watching two hours of streams will earn you the Sigma – Maestro spray. Four hours of watching will get you’re the Moira – Fiddle and Symmetra – Sitar sprays. And if you watch for six hours, you’ll be rewarded with the Lucio – Bossa Nova, Mei – Guzheng, and Orisa – Djembe sprays.

The Overwatch Sigma Maestro Challenge Twitch drops will be available until July 27. So, focus on winning your games before watching streams.

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