A couple of new images from The Division have appeared on the new international medium for distributing videogame screenshots, Facebook. If they haven’t been “tampered” with, then I’d imagine they show the PC version because they look quite impressive.

Ubisoft were touting their Snowdrop Engine during VGX last year, and these images appear to be more of the same. In fact the first one may well be a still from that trailer. Anyway, it has lots of lovely particle effects in it, and lots of open car doors (which seems to be a running theme in the game.)

the division (2)

My GPU sheds a single tear before overheating.

Here’s another one of a dude carrying a backpack down a street. The street is full of cars with their doors open. I mean, I guess this is to symbolise that everybody fled their vehicles in a hurry, but it seems oddly universal.

the division (1)

Too bad, looks like you missed the sale.

The Division is due in 2014, but I strongly suspect that it will get pushed into 2015. We’re told that the PC version will be all proper and stuff.

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