Paladins battle royale mode goes into alpha testing

Paladins battle royale mode goes into alpha testing

Another day, another update about a battle royale game mode and this time it’s for Paladins, the shooter from Hi-Rez that decided it really needed a battle royale mode.

Now called Realm Royale instead of Battlegrounds, a very limited alpha test has kicked off and is under strict NDA. Despite the no info leak policy, Hi-Rez has shared some information on what to expect with regards to the Forging system where players can collect items and break them down into Shards which can then be used at a Forge to create a random Legendary item. There are only a few of these in the world to players will probably end up camping these to pick other players off. See the shots below.

Keys for this closed alpha went almost instantly but don’t worry there are going to be more tests and more keys available in the weeks ahead.

Paul Younger

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