Paladins OB54 economy changes detailed in dev stream

Paladins OB54 economy changes detailed in dev stream

The next Paladins beta patch, OB54, is closing in on release, and Hi-Rez have been talking about it in their latest livestream. You can find the recording of that footage below. It begins around 23 minutes into the video.

Most of the details in this one were about changes to the Paladins economy. The ‘Essence’ costs for crafting card types will be getting 15-20% reductions, and the daily log-in bonuses for days 4 through 6 are now Essence-based instead of Gold or Crystals. You can see these changes (and the rest) laid out at the foot of this story.

But what you’ll be losing some Paladins Gold from log-ins, you may be gaining from Weekly Quests. There will be four Gold quests, which will give 1,250 instead of 750, and the rest will reward 1,000 Essence (yes, even more of that).

Hi-Rez also say that they’ll be expediting the rate at which players level up through 1-50 (50 will still be a plateau). Required experience is going to be reduced by 30-60% per level. So that should translate to faster progress and earning rewards more rapidly.

However, Champion Gold prices are going up. From 7,500 to 12,500 at their most extreme (top-tier Champions). Again, see those changes in the lists below. The idea being, you’ll have to work harder to unlock a Champion with in-game currency, but will be able to earn their gear much faster.

Card Crafting
Reducing cost of legendary cards from 12,000 to 10,000 Essence.
Reducing cost of epic cards from 5,000 to 4,000 Essence.
Reducing cost of uncommon cards from 1,250 to 1,000 Essence.
Reducing cost of common cards from 500 to 350 Essence.

Daily log-in bonuses
Day 4 changed from 350 gold to 250 Essence.
Day 5 changed from 500 gold to 500 Essence.
Day 6 changed from 15 crystals to 1000 Essence.

Weekly Quests
Gold values increased from 750 to 1,250.
Some quests will now give 1,000 Essence instead.

Champion prices
Top-level Champion price increased from 7.5k to 12.5k
Mid-level Champion price increased from 5k to 7.5k
Bottom-level Champion price increased from 4k to 5k

Cosmetic prices
Common and uncommon skins gold prices increased by 50%.
Common and uncommon skins crystal prices reduced by 25 crystals.

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