The latest Paladins beta patch has just gone live and not everyone is happy with the changes.

    The big update is the addition of Legendary Cards which are available to all heroes and are selected at the start of a match to “bring benefits to each Champion”. Once selected these are locked in for the match and each Campion has three to choose from.


    This change is all well and good but what player are upset about is the addition of a new currency called Essence. This is dished out for duplicate items found in Radiant Chests. These chests are also now purchasable for 3000 gold and no longer drop Gold or provide Gold for duplicate items.  Legendary cards and loadout cards are now also unlocked with this new Essence currency and loadout cards now have a rarity of Common, Rare and Epic.

    The addition of these Legendary cards and the shuffling around of the cards with a new currency is what some players are not happy with. However, it appears Hi-Rez is attempting to make the game more balanced, but as with all changes, they never go down well with some players no matter what the game is.

    This patch also adds a new Survival Mode, a permanent death five on five mode played over the best of five rounds. A death fog moves from the edges of the map forcing players into the center for one final 60 second showdown at the Epicentre. If the fog kills the player they are out until the next round. The mode ios available on the Primal Court and Snowfall Junction maps.


    The update also comes with fixes and hero changes. Also, note that Champion Barik appears to be missing from the roster while Hi-Rez sort him out.

    Paul Younger
    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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