Palworld Sakurajima How To Get All New Weapons And Armor
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Palworld Sakurajima: How to get all new weapons and armor

Ready for battle.

The new Palworld Sakurajima update not only introduced brand new Pals and a region to explore but weapons and armor as well. We’ll explain how to get all the new weapons and armor from the Palworld Sakurajima update.

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How to get all new weapons and armor in Palworld Sakurajima update


There are six new weapons in the Palworld Sakurajima update, and all of them must be crafted through a Weapon Assembly Line. Also, each weapon has a unique ammo type that you must also craft.

WeaponTechnology Level/PointsDamageAmmo
FlamethrowerLevel 52, 5 points450Flamethrower Fuel
Gatling GunLevel 54, 5 points375Gatling Gun Bullets
Grenade LauncherLevel 53, 5 points3000Grenade Ammo
Guided Missile LauncherLevel 55, 5 points5900Missile Ammo
Laser RifleLevel 51, 5 points1250Energy Cartridges
Meteor LauncherLevel 37, 3 points2000Meteorite Bullets

As you can tell, the Gatling Gun is the weakest of the bunch, while the Guided Missle Launcher can deal a whopping 5,900 damage. Other than the Meteory Launcher, you’ll have to wait until you’re over level 50 to unlock those weapons.


Other than weapons, there’s really only one new Armor design called Plasteel which comes in different varieties. Plasteel is a new material used in creating all this armor and is a lot stronger than your usual armor materials.

ArmorTechnology Level/PointsHP/DefenseEffects
Cold Resistant Plasteel ArmorLevel 54, 5 points1300 HP, 400 DEFCold Resistant Lvl 2
Heat Resistant Lvl 1
Heat gauge decreased by one and cold gauge decreased by two.
Heat Resistant Plasteel ArmorLevel 53, 5 points1300 HP, 400 DEFCold Resistant Lvl 1
Heat Resistant Lvl 2
Heat gauge decreased by two and cold gauge decreased by one.
Lightweight Plasteel ArmorLevel 55, 5 points1300 HP, 400 DEFCold Resistant Lvl 1
Heat Resistant Lvl 1
Max Carrying Capacity Lvl 2
Heat gauge decreased by one, cold gauge decreased by one, and max carry capacity increased.
Plasteel ArmorLevel 50, 5 points1300 HP, 400 DEFCold Resistant Lvl 1
Heat Resistant Lvl 1
Heat and cold gauges decreased by one.
Plasteel HelmetLevel 51, 4 points600 HP, 260 DEFNone

By Level 50, you can create basic Plasteel Armor, and at the next level, you’ll unlock its helmet. Continue to level up, and you can develop specialized Plasteel Armor that can be made for extreme temperatures or extra carry capacity.

Other than new armor and weapons, this update introduces a new region, but finding Sakurajima is the hard part.

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