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Publisher and developer Paradox Interactive announced the acquisition of its ninth studio, Iceflake Studios today. Finnish-based Iceflake Studios opened its doors in 2007 and has shipped various titles over the years. Iceflake’s most recent and well-known effort is Surviving the Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic survival/strategy game.

Paradox Interactive iceflake studios

Paradox Interactive dates back to 1998 with humble beginnings as a small studio. Since then, the company has grown into a respectable publisher with the addition of Iceflake bringing its size up to nine studios in six different countries. Paradox itself sports a portfolio of established series like Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and Stellaris.

Its subsidiary studios ring bells as well. Triumph Studios is known for Age of Wonders and Colossal Order produced Cities: Skylines. Paradox Interactive also owns the rights to other popular franchises like Pillars of Eternity, which Obsidian Entertainment developed for Paradox. Now, Iceflake Studios and Surviving the Aftermath are part of that list.

Surviving The Aftermath iceflake studios

A screenshot from Surviving The Aftermath.

Both Iceflake and Paradox are excited over the acquisition

The acquisition of Iceflake Studios was a mutually enthusiastic decision according to Iceflake Co-Founder and Studio Manager Lasse Liljedahl. The smaller studio felt there was much to gain from a partnership with Paradox and that both shared similar goals.

“When we started our discussion with Paradox, we knew that we had a very like-minded approach. Our collaboration with Surviving the Aftermath has been excellent and showed how similar our approach to development is. This new step helps us to focus on our dream of becoming one of the best developers in the game genres we love so much.”

Iceflake will continue the development of Surviving the Aftermath with the support of Paradox Interactive behind it. Surviving the Aftermath is available for $19.99 USD on the Epic Games Store, but is still in early access. Iceflake regularly updates the game, and is well along on its development roadmap. The final release version of the game will also come to Steam, however that release date is still pending. 

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