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The working agreement between Paradox and Obsidian that began in 2014 with a distribution deal for Pillars of Eternity may well continue. Their most recent collaboration, as a traditional publisher-developer, on Tyranny appears to have gone well, and that game will soon receive an expansion in the form of Bastard’s Wound.

In a recent interview about that expansion, I asked Paradox’s Gustav Groth if the partnership would be likely to continue beyond Tyranny. Paradox’s ownership of White Wolf means they are in a position to license some very interesting properties, and I was hoping to get a hint of whether Obsidian might be let loose on one.

Groth, of course, wasn’t going to just blurt that sort of thing out, and deflected by saying “I can’t say anything about future projects between Paradox and Obsidian right now.” However, he also made it clear that the company hold Obsidian in high regard: “The co-operation we’ve had with Obsidian since Pillars of Eternity has been great. We think it’s one of the best studios, certainly one of the top tier RPG studios in the world.”

“It’s just a matter of whether there’s a good opportunity,” he added.

Not exactly confirmation of an Obsidian Vampire: The Masquerade title there, but the possibility is still open. You can read the full Bastard’s Wound DLC interview here.

Keystone is now The Amazing Eternals, closed beta 29 August

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