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Paradox parts ways with Mount & Blade, hands out free Wizard Wars

mount-and-blade-2-7-1024x576 Paradox parts ways with Mount & Blade, hands out free Wizard Wars

Riding into the sunset, and all that.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, and Paradox and TaleWorlds have now split, with TaleWorlds going on to develop Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord on their own.

The news comes from a post on the Mount & Blade sub-forum over on the Paradox forums (via The Escapist). “As of January 31st at 00:00 (UTC -08:00) Paradox Interactive will be handing over the reins for Mount and Blade back to the developer, TaleWorlds,” it reads. “It’s been five and a half years since Mount and Blade was released, five and a half years of sieges, tournaments and pitched open-field battles, and of course, the odd expansion or two!”

“We feel honoured to have fought beside you and at our final parting of ways would bid our farewells with a gift which has automatically been added to your Steam library.”

What’s that gift? It’s an Early Access copy of Magicka: Wizard Wars, which would normally be £8.99 on Steam. Not bad at all. It’s not quite clear which version of Mount & Blade you need to have on Steam to get this (Mount & Blade? Mount & Blade: Warband? Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword?) but it’s a rather lovely little gesture.

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