Paradox Reveals Sengoku

Paradox Interactive love strategy titles. They will not stop making them until every country and period of history is catered for. Next stop: 15th Century Feudal Japan.
Sengoku may look quite a bit like the campaign map portion of Total War: Shogun 2, but in fact it seems set to be more “character driven” than Creative Assembly’s effort. “Honor and duty vie with survival in the delicate dance of power, conquest and betrayal as you attempt to unite the land of the Rising Sun,” says a helpful press release.
It’s a bit early to tell right now, but the impression I’m getting (and from reading around) is that Sengoku could be Paradox’s attempt to do a version of Crusader Kings (a previous Paradox release) in Asia. If that’s the case, the game will be less about battle tactics and much more about political intrigue. Hurrah. Unless you hate politics, in which case boo hiss.
There’s no release date for this at present, but you can be assured that it’s a PC title.


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