This week’s Stellaris update from Paradox once again looks at the upcoming 1.3 Heinlein patch as well as plans for DLC.

The developer blog specifically looks at Fallen Empires and what’s being added and changes as either free or paid DLC when the Heinlein patch releases.

Free features will include Sleepers Awake which is the awakening of the Fallen Empire based on certain conditions. Personality changes will also be a free feature and the Keepers of Knowledge and Enigmatic Observers will be getting revamp. New designs will mean that with each Fallen Empire ethos will now have their own unique designs to use.

Finally, there’s the paid DLC feature called The War In Heaven which is the triggering of an event as described below.

We’ve talked about what happens when one Fallen Empire awakens, but what happens if there’s two of them? For those with the DLC, two empires of opposing ethos (for example, Xenophobe and Xenophile) awakening can result in the War in Heaven event triggering. This event will cause the two Awakened Empires to go to war over the fate of the galaxy, dragging in the lesser species to fight on their side. All empires will be presented with a choice – join one of the two Awakened Empires and bet on their victory, join a league of non-aligned empires and hope you can stand against them both, or stand alone and risk being trampled underfoot when the war comes your way. Unlike a normal war, the War in Heaven is a cataclysmic event that will not end once a few worlds have been captured or a few battles won – it will be a fight to the death that ends only when one Awakened Empire stands victorious or both have been subjugated. If one of the Awakened Empires wins, they will show favor to those who supported them and be merciless to those who opposed them.

If you’re playing Stellaris, you can read all the developer notes on the above here.


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