Paragon Early Access Founder’s Packs now on sale

Paragon Early Access Founder’s Packs now on sale

Epic’s third person MOBA Paragon is getting closer to a public release following the closed testing period, and today they put their Early Access Founder’s Packs up for sale.

There are three packs to choose from, the the basic Founder’s Pack for $19.99, the Challenger  Founder’s Pack for $59.99, and the Master Founder’s Pack for $99.99. Each pack differs in the amount of Master Challenges available with the most expensive option giving access to all heroes available now and in the future.

The Founder’s Packs gives access to the following:

“A Founder’s Pack is your ticket to Epic’s new MOBA Paragon and the Early Access Season. New heroes every three weeks, community events, and daily and weekly rewards give you the opportunity to hone your skills and claim your place among champions. Founder’s Packs include Master Challenges, which let you level your heroes to achieve mastery and claim unique rewards. You can choose to give a Founder’s Pack to a friend – and unlock an exclusive Founder’s-only skin.

“By purchasing a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be able to play March 18, get a great value on in-game content, and help shape the future of the game. Progress is real. That means no account wipes or resets.”

When the game eventually releases it will be free, so unless you are really, really, keen to play this in advance, it would be best to wait until this summer when the game goes into its open beta phase. Having played the game in the alpha, our advice is to hold off until the open beta while Epic iron out any kinks. It looks promising but we’re not entirely convinced yet.

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