Paragon free beta weekend is now live

Paragon free beta weekend is now live

Gamers looking for something decent to play this weekend should check out Paragon from Epic because it’s free this weekend, assuming you had signed up before 25 May.

Regular PC invasion visitors will know we have been playing this like crazy for the past couple of months and it has great appeal for MOBA players and even gamers who don’t like MOBAs or have never tried one before. We highly recommend you check this out for the next few days.

This free test runs from now until 30 May and all you need is the Epic launcher to get started. There’s also double XP this weekend so regular players should take advantage of that.

New players should also read our guide to the jungle, it’s full of useful tips. There’s quite a few of us who are playing regularly and feel free to add “Rushster” to your friends list.

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