Paragon’s new hero Crunch revealed – Watch him punch

Paragon’s new hero Crunch revealed – Watch him punch

As we thought might be the case, the new Paragon hero is called Crunch and he likes to punch.

This new hero is a melee fighter utilising the power of Order/Fury cards. He is also “capable of fluidly chaining combos together to quickly scrap his opponents” which will be interesting to see how that all works in a live game.

His skills are as follows:

  • Re-Crunch – Re-Crunch repeats the last ability used, opening up more possible combos. Re-Crunch also has two passive components. First, landing basic attacks shaves time off your cooldowns. Second, every third ability used is empowered.
  • Forward Crunch – Launches Crunch forward, stopping on the first enemy hero hit, dealing damage. When empowered, Forward Crunch drags enemies the full distance of the charge.
  • Left Crunch – Crunch delivers a left hook that deals increased cleave damage. When empowered, Left Crunch deals 100% basic attack damage to all enemies in cleave range.
  • Right Crunch – Crunch slows enemies on hit. When empowered, Right Crunch knocks up enemies.

Crunch will be available to play next week on the servers.

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