Paragon new itemisation and economy explained – Big changes coming

Paragon new itemisation and economy explained – Big changes coming

Next month Epic will be making huge changes to their MOBA Paragon when it comes to cards and decks. Existing players need to forget everything they have learned because it’s all changing,

Epic has now explained why and how these changes are going to impact the game. Card clarity is one of the reasons, players have apparently struggled with how the current decks function, and with that in mind, it had to change.

The new system is a complete rework and the team is making sure players understand how the system works though UI enhancements and animations to indicate what’s going on. Players should be able to understand the system “within one or two games”.

As we mentioned previously, there are no limits to a hero’s power now, the cap has been completely removed. Players can keep building their power through minion, tower and hero kills as long as possible.

Because deck build can be shared among all heroes, every card in your deck is unique and there will be no more duplicates. Epic says that “If you unequip a card, you’ll now be able to purchase it again”. There will also be 100 unique abilities for new cards and the Gems.

Attributes will be new to the game along with Gems. Players will be able to purchase attributes during a game and augment their hero with Agility, Vitality, and Intellect. As these attributes are increased, players can unlock “powerful gems”. There will be six Gem slots to “complement” card selections. Both Gems and Attributes can be tweaked while in a match.

Two Affinities can be chosen for any hero from a pool of six which include Growth, Knowledge, Order, Death, and Chaos. This will give a larger scope for builds no matter which hero players choose.

How all these changes will improve the game remains to be seen but there’s no doubt changes needed to be made and hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for Paragon.

In the video below, the Paragon team discuss these changes further.

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