Paragon’s next hero Zinx revealed with skills and trailer

Paragon’s next hero Zinx revealed with skills and trailer

Epic announced that Zinx was the next Paragon hero a couple of days ago and today she’s been fully revealed. Zinx is apparently going to be handy in the off-lane and is classed as Durable / Attacker / Controller / Seiger.

Zinx is a product of the same scientist that created Phase and Howitzer and it took 348 attempts to bring this kitty to life. Her skills are as follows along with the trailer.

  • Bad Medicine (RMB/R1) – Zinx charges her gun and creates an AoE field of energy on the ground in front of her, can be discharged early to create a smaller field.
  • Kitty Claws (Q/Square) – Toggle: Empowers her Pistol allowing it to apply a damage over time effect, which can be stacked.
  • Ricochet Stun (E/Circle) – A Medium range projectile which bounces around nearby enemies, stunning them. The stun duration increases for each enemy hit.
  • Dirty Healing (R/Triangle) – Passive: Zinx gains bonus mana regen, based on a percentage of her missing mana. Toggle: While activated, she will immediately heal 50% of damage taken, costing mana instead.

Jinx is available to play on 18 July and it’s free to play as always.

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