The Paragon Patch 26.1 ticks a lot of boxes. It applies a lot of fixes to known issues, balances a few abilities, introduces a new weekly card pack but the cherry on the top is a new hero, Riktor.

Paragon Patch New Hero – Riktor

Riktor is a melee tank who specializes in crowd control. He’s a powerful initiator who brings order to the battlefield by locking down targets and pacifying enemies. His Riplash ability reaches out with his electric chain and pulls in enemy Heroes and/or minions while dealing damage. His Shock Therapy disrupts enemies by silencing them and his Skewer Ultimate uses a web of chains to damage and stun everyone in his path.

The abilities at Riktor’s disposal are

  • Invigorate – Riktor gives nearby friendly hereoes a movement speed increase.
  • Whip – Riktor whips his chain in a melee attack.
  • Shock Therapy – Once activated, Riktor’s next Whip attack will deal damage, apply a slow and silence his target.
  • Riplash – Riktor shoots his chain out in front of him, pulling in any enemy who is hit while dealing damage.
  • Electrocute – Riktor electrifies the arewa around him, causing damage over time to nearby enemies.
  • Skewer (Ultimate) – Riktor targets an area in front of him, shooting a web of chains out in front of him that deal damage and stun enemies who are hit. After the stun, Riktor rips the chains out of his enemies, dealing additional damage.

He’s also got a Bronze Warden Skin

riktor bronze warden skin

New Weekly Card Pack

This week’s rotation includes Micro-Nuke, Reaper’s Key, and Swiftcreek Heart.

Swiftcreek Heart

The Deck Builder filters have been tweaked to make it easier to construct your decks.

Release Notes

Iggy & Scorch

  • Fixed a bug where Iggy’s burn was not being applied if a target was oiled from Oil Trail while already taking fire damage from Flame Turrets or Flamethrower.


  • Rampage’s Pounce smash will no longer deal bonus damage vs. critically wounded targets.
    • This is intended to make the ability behave more consistently.
  • Added 100 units to his standard Pounce jump height.
    • Duration and distance remains the same but this way Rampage can clear ledges to get out of the jungle more consistently.


  • Epic Games Launcher should now open correctly when launching via the Paragon executable.
  • Bots should now path correctly while under friendly towers and while attacking enemy harvesters.
  • Visual fixes made on Death FX
  • Fix for Sparrow’s Ult reticle getting stuck on death
  • Fixed Steel always showing up as the Hero loading icon in the team lobby.

Known Issues


  • Black buff timer visually reset after its cooldown finished.
  • Launcher does not detect resolution after switching monitors with different resolutions.
  • In-game music ends abruptly upon loading into match.
  • Occasional lag spikes caused by server hitching.
  • Changing Language can unselect region setting.
  • Skin selection persists from Inspect menu.
  • Non-Party leader exiting game can fail to leave party.
  • Windowed mode will not allow you to set 3D resolution bar to greater than 83.3% in settings.
  • Hitting Ctrl and opening the card shop (G) at the same time causes the Ctrl hud to stay on screen.
  • RMB+Dragging on any button causes store skins offer buttons to be unresponsive.
  • Rejoin prompt for Solo vs AI only appears after a client relaunch, if a teammate is still in the game.
  • Equipment card does not have a stack number.
  • End-game scoreboard slides up to the middle of screen.
  • Player rating persists per game on all rated players per slot.
  • Allied bot may spawn as already selected Hero when using Solo vs AI as a party.
  • Rebinding level-up key will also cancel abilities.
  • Full bot team of Steels during Solo vs AI.
  • Fill bars extend past stat number in card shop stat panel.
  • Buff duration timers are incorrect after rejoin.
  • Q / Square Ability Icon flashes when CXP from Harvesters is shared with teammates.
  • Selecting chat from friends list in-game does not default to whisper channel.
  • Prime Guardian doesn’t have an attacking animation when doing his slow special attack.
  • Changing View Distance doesn’t function.
  • Text misaligned for purchases on Russian language.
  • Ability upgrade flare is offset after changing display resolution.
  • Inhibitor meshes do not load when match begins.
  • Player doesn’t create separate lobby after searching for 5+ mins.
  • Hero portraits on mini-map are blurry.
  • Users become stuck in old launcher client with no patch notification and no available servers.
  • No Friend Code link on PS4 after buying FP on PC.
  • Surrender Vote cannot be initiated until 20:08.


  • PORTAL STONE: Can be used without aiming at a structure.
  • Health Regen does not update on stat panel in Card Shop.
  • Cards visually show extremely long cooldowns on rejoin.


  • Esc or Circle Button do not close the replay ID Play/Cancel overlay.
  • The “-10” button can loop to the end of the game if used in the first 10 seconds.
  • Harvesters disappear and get rebuilt when scrubbing backward or forward in replays.
  • Prime Guardian visually respawns when scrubbing backwards or forwards in replays.
  • Changing resolution in a replay makes all hero portraits and camera options unusable.
  • Replays speed up after scrubbing.
  • Extremely long GIFs from Replays do not load.
  • Harvester icons consistently blink while replay is paused.
  • Replay GIFs are very low quality.
  • Parties do not disband when entering Replays.
  • Core health does not show in Replays.
  • Bots are missing hero names intermittently in Replays.
  • Announcer Voiceover for Killstreaks Not Playing in Replays.


  • UI notifies player to buy cards when they do not have enough points.
  • Player Stats in the card menu reflect current values, making Health and Energy regen stats inaccurate when viewed in base.
  • Sorting by Affinity in Card Catalog is offset.
  • Able to activate abilities while in settings menu.

All Heroes

  • Travel mode charge reticle does not match oval reticles.
  • “Taunt not Unlocked” displays when taunting during an ability.


  • Wall projectile collision width does not fit with visual FX.
  • Stasis Bomb ability description does not give a stun duration.
  • Slow Bubble tooltip doesn’t state that damage is increased the longer it persists.
  • Arms distort and staff clips through chest when looking certain direction.


  • No timer displayed for her speed buff from Speed Gate ability.


  • Displacement Blast can go through Steel’s model during his Ult.
  • Deflector Shield doesn’t prevent Gideon’s Burden ability.
  • G.T.F.O. ability strikes from behind if GRIM.exe is killed while firing it.


  • Hero collision shifts when using Make it Rain ability.
  • Travel mode audio sometimes persists in the world.
  • Make It Rain ability dash fails if input is pressed too soon.
  • Taunt has no audio.


  • Head tentacles clip through body.


  • Reversal of Fortune goes on cooldown if you enter Travel Mode while in Ultimate targeting mode.
  • Does not regen mana after using Reversal of Fortune ability on a hero that has recalled.
  • Model walking animation distorts during normal gameplay.
  • Muriel fails to activate Travel Mode on respawn.
  • Inconsistently unable to move after using Ultimate.


  • No audio when Hero jumps or moves.
  • Taking damage breaks swing animation.
  • Passive description missing info for explicit Health gain per stack.


  • Force Shield ability does not reveal slowed enemies in Shadowplane.
  • Shield Block ability doesn’t state % Damage Reduction or Physical/Energy Armor in level up tooltip.


  • Sparrow’s passive damage does not appear if she has lifesteal.
  • Relentless Passive is listed as an ability in Death Recap.


  • Nitro ability tab is blank when leveling up.
  • Nitro ability description references {BPH} instead of numerical value.

Source: Epic Games

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