Paragon Patch 36.1 Notes – Hero changes for Steel, Greystone and Sparrow

Paragon Patch 36.1 Notes – Hero changes for Steel, Greystone and Sparrow

This week a new Paragon patch drops taking the game to version 36.1 and there are a few hero changes.

Greystone is being nerfed on id Reforged skill with a reduction in base damage, its slow effect, mana will no longer regen and finally, it now scales. Gryestone’s Stoic ability has also been changed.

Steel’s Shield slam has also been nerfed with a base damage reduction. Sparrow’s attack speed per level has been increased per level.

There are new emotes for Serath, Khaimera and Rampage. Serath also gets a new skin.

Paragon Patch 36.1 Notes


  • Fixed visual bugs associated with buff orbs.


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Offensive Maneuvers
    • Blight Bones
    • Mind Flow


  • Fixed various animation bugs on Heroes.


  • Reforged
    • Base damage reduced to 180/260/340 from 220/320/420.
    • Slow reduced to 550(inner)/125(outer) from 650(inner)/175(outer).
    • No longer refills Mana.
    • Fixed a bug where Reforged did not gain card scaling.
      • Now 0.75.
  • Stoic
    • Health reduced to 70/140/210/280 from 85/170/255/340.


  • Added “Jungle Jog” emote to in-game store.


  • Added “Meaning of Life” emote to in-game store.


  • Added Morning Star Serath to in-game store.


  • Shield Slam
    • Base damage reduced to 210/320/430 from 230/350/470.
    • Card scaling reduced to 0.9 from 1.2


  • Attack speed per level to 2.8 from 0.
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