Time to bring it back

Epic will be releasing a new patch for Paragon taking the game to v.31.2.

This update is the latest patch to address game length time as Epic move to reduce the length of matches further. To do this they have reduced the health of the Orb Prime Guardian further and also tweaked the minion damage to “increase their ability to push and build up waves”.

In our recent interview with Epic’s Steve Superville, he indicated that they really wanted to get the match length down. Currently, matches last around 45 minutes on average which is not a huge deal if a match is well balanced. I fear that some of the game’s strategy could be lost if the game is tweaked too much in the other direction.

Here’s the notes….

Paragon Patch v.31.2 Notes

  • Minion Changes
    • Decreased Minion damage vs other Minions
    • Decreased Minion damage vs Towers
    • Substantial increase to Siege Minion damage vs Towers.
  • Prime Orb Guardian health reduced from 13600 to 10000.


  • Improvements to PS4 memory usage.



  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Guardian’s Ward (Community Pick)
    • Everglass
    • Infinity Stream
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