Paragon v27.1 has just gone live on the servers this afternoon and this update adds the new hero Khaimera.

The Paragon community is quite split at the moment as not everyone was impressed with the changes in the v27 update and this patch doesn’t change anything as far as the gameplay is concerned. If you were one of the players who hasn’t been enjoying the changes then this patch won’t help with that. Epic will probably take some time to analyse the data from v27 before there are any more major changes.

However, Khaimera joins the battle as a duelist and fans of ganking are probably going to enjoy this guy with “massive” attack speed with his Unleash skill, heath regen on the basic attack, and his ultimate Cull which roots a target and knocks other enemies back.

Epic’s Hero Race for Khaimera  is also now up and running and there are a few changes on how it will work because of the new draft mode. You can read about that on this page.

We’ll be taking a look at the new hero later today in our regular video update. For now, here are the patch notes.

Paragon patch v27.1


  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Madstone Gem
    • Hunter’s Guile
    • Curse of the Leech
  • Weekly Pack should now read “A pack of specific cards.”
  • Bump Juice Icon fix. The art for the Bump Juice card should now display properly on the HUD.


  • Minion spawning audio should play correctly now.


  • Updated PS4 Icon
  • Fixed an issue where the overhead healthbar was defaulted to on but the UI wasn’t fully reflecting that.


  • Adjusted LOD distance scaling based on view distance quality to reduce triangle counts farther on lowest and low settings.


  • Fixed bots getting stuck after using movement-locking abilities.
  • Fixed a bug that was forcing Level 1 player to play against more difficult bot.s
  • In Co-op/Solo vs AI, bots should now prefer to pick Heroes that have not been picked yet on the other team.



  • White Tiger Khaimera skin included in the store.


  • Slow Bubble
    • Fixed multiplicative slow that should have been additive.


  • Major VFX optimizations and performance improvements applied to Sevarog.


  • Inner Fire
    • Fixed Ability damage behaving incorrectly due to basic attack changes that were not also applied to her modified basic attack when ulted.


  • Electrocute
    • Fix for card scaling being set to scale 5 times more than intended.
    • Fix for ability sometimes applying 6 ticks of damage rather than 5.


AMD: Crimson (driver version 16.20.1010.1002 – May 2016)

NVIDIA: Version 368.22 (Release Date: May 23, 2016)


  • Bump Juice Icon fix for 27.1
  • Weekly Pack should now read “A pack of specific cards”



  • Black buff timer visually reset after its cooldown finished.
  • Launcher does not detect resolution after switching monitors with different resolutions.
  • In-game music ends abruptly upon loading into match.
  • Changing Language can unselect region setting.
  • Skin selection persists from Inspect menu.
  • Non-Party leader exiting game can fail to leave party.
  • Windowed mode will not allow you to set 3D resolution bar to greater than 83.3% in settings.
  • Hitting Ctrl and opening the card shop (G) at the same time causes the Ctrl hud to stay on screen.
  • RMB+Dragging on any button causes store skins offer buttons to be unresponsive.
  • Rejoin prompt for Solo vs AI only appears after a client relaunch, if a teammate is still in the game.
  • Equipment card does not have a stack number.
  • End-game scoreboard slides up to the middle of screen.
  • Player rating persists per game on all rated players per slot.
  • Allied bot may spawn as already selected Hero when using Solo vs AI as a party.
  • Rebinding level-up key will also cancel abilities.
  • Full bot team of Steels during Solo vs AI.
  • Fill bars extend past stat number in card shop stat panel.
  • Buff duration timers are incorrect after rejoin.
  • Q / Square Ability Icon flashes when CXP from Harvesters is shared with teammates.
  • Selecting chat from friends list in-game does not default to whisper channel.
  • Changing View Distance doesn’t function.
  • Text misaligned for purchases on Russian language.
  • Ability upgrade flare is offset after changing display resolution.
  • Inhibitor meshes do not load when match begins.
  • Player doesn’t create separate lobby after searching for 5+ mins.
  • Users become stuck in old launcher client with no patch notification and no available servers.
  • Surrender Vote cannot be initiated until 20:08.
Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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