paragon patch 28 notes

Epic has just released the v28 update for Paragon and this patch introduces a whole host of changes which should hopefully improve the game.

We’ve yet to try the update but this is another big one. Inhibitors will now respawn when the Orb Prime is returned to your own capture point, Travel Mode has now been replaced with what Epic call Auto Sprint which gives faster movement when out of combat for five seconds. How that will change the gameplay remains to be seen. The removal of Travel Mode has been a contentious issue but this new system could be a good middle ground.

Man and health regen has been reduced and there’s also a UI overhaul and Epic has now added a fully revamped rewards system with weekly quests to earn more loot such as skins and cards.

We’ll be trying these Paragon changes out later today, and if you read our article this week looking at some of the recent changes, v28 could well be that step in the right direction we have been looking for.We’ll report back with our findings soon. This will be interesting.

Paragon Release Notes – .28



  • Weekly Card Pack
    • Offensive Maneuvers
      • Community Pick
    • Snakevine Mesh
    • Lesser Health
  • Card Filters
    • Added rarity and owned filters.
    • You can now filter cards by multiple affinities at once.
  • Updated all starter decks to include categories.
    • Updated new starter decks so that each fully upgraded card is worth 10 points.
  • Added new Intermediate decks.
    • Intermediate decks unlock for all Heroes at account level 6.
    • Added three new cards for these decks:
      • Hand of Prophets (8 points of Energy Pen, 3 points of Health)
      • Fist of Kings (8 points of Physical Pen, 3 points of Health)
      • Touch of Thieves (8 points of lifesteal , 3 points of Health)
  • Potions
    • Reduced Health Potion healing per second from 14 to 10.
    • Reduced Mana Potion mana per second from 5.3 to 3.8.
    • Starter Health and Mana potions now only have 2 charges (down from 3).
  • Deck builder should now be able to copy starter decks as a base for a new deck.
  • Deck names have more space and scroll.
  • Added ability to open card shop in the field, but can’t purchase cards unless at base.


  • A number of match length reduction measures have been implemented.
    • Increasing economic separation of successful players.
      • Increased minion last-hit multiplier from 5 to 5.5
    • Super Minions
      • Increased super minion damage vs other minions.
      • Increased super minion damage vs structures.
      • Increased number of super minions by 1 per super wave.
    • Added the ability of players to tank towers.
      • Towers, Inhibitors, & Cores
        • Added 65 Physical and Energy Armor to tier 1 tower.
        • Reduced Tier 2 tower health from 3500 to 2500.
          • Added 65 Physical and Energy Armor to tier 2 tower.
        • Increased Tier 1 payout from 200 CP to 500 CP.
        • Increased Tier 2 payout from 370 CP to 650 CP.
        • Reduced Tier 1 team-wide payout from 200 to 100 CP.
        • Reduced Tier 2 team-wide payout from 375 to 100 CP.
        • Player’s last hitting towers result in amber to fly to the killer.
        • Flattened stacking tower damage debuff from 50% per hit (Max stack of 1), to 25% per hit (Max stack of 2).
        • Reduced Inhibitor health from 4000 to 3150.
          • Reduced Inhibitor health regen from 6.4 to 5.25.
          • Added 65 Physical and Energy armor to Inhibitors.
        • Reduced Core health from 8000 to 6300.
    • Prime Guardian
      • Increased team-wide payout from 800 to 1200 CP.
    • Reduced global passive drip rate from 1.4 to .7 CP per second.
  • Jungle Updates
    • Jungle minions can now be stacked.
      • Every 2 minutes (6 minutes for buff camps), slain minion camps will respawn and living camps will level up.
      • The max level of all jungle minion camps is 5.
    • Black Buff
      • Rebalanced to match Red and Blue.
      • Black buff now spawns at six minutes and respawns or levels every six minutes.
      • Reduced initial health from 3500 to [1250, 1250, 1563, 1875, 2188, 2500].
      • Reduced initial XP payout from 66 to [30, 52,  75, 97, 120].
      • Reduced initial CXP payout from 50 CXP to [38.5, 60, 93.5, 121, 148.5].
      • Changed Base attack time is from 0.8 to 1.
      • Changed Base attack rating from 100 to [12, 17, 22, 27, 32].
    • Blue Buff
      • Spawns at 1 minute.
      • Increased health from 1012 to [1250, 1250, 1563, 1875, 2188, 2500].
      • Reduced initial XP payout from 54 to [30, 52,  75, 97, 120].
      • Reduced initial CXP payout from 60 CXP to [38.5, 60, 93.5, 121, 148.5].
      • Changed Base attack time is from 1.5 to 1.
      • Changed Base attack rating from 18 to [12, 17, 22, 27, 32].
    • Red Buff
      • Spawns at 1 minute.
      • Increased health from 1012 to [1250, 1250, 1563, 1875, 2188, 2500].
      • Reduced initial XP payout from 54 to [30, 52,  75, 97, 120].
      • Reduced initial CXP payout from 60 CXP to [38.5, 60, 93.5, 121, 148.5].
      • Changed Base attack time is from 2.2 to 1.
      • Changed Base attack rating from 25 to [12, 17, 22, 27, 32].
    • White Camps
      • Spawn time has been changed to 60 seconds to coincide with the minion wave timing.
      • Increased health from 345 to [475, 594, 713, 831, 950].
      • Reduced initial XP payout from 36 to [26, 45.5, 65, 84.5, 104].
      • Reduced initial CXP payout from 10 CXP to [16.5, 27.5, 49.5, 60.5].
      • Changed Base attack time is from 1.5 to 1.
      • Changed Base attack rating from 10.6 to [5, 7, 9, 11, 13].
    • Prime Guardian & Orb
      • The Prime Guardian now does not level up. It has the same stats at every level. It spawns at 6 minutes and respawns after 10.
      • Improved and updated Prime Guardian attack effects.
      • Prime Orb Defensive Capture Feature.
        • Respawns downed friendly Inhibitors.
    • Wards
      • Enemies should no longer see that a ward has been placed when they can’t see you.
    • Removed eyeball indicator over your head if you were in a Shadow Pad and were seen.
      • Kallari’s Shadow Walk and Death Sentence will be the only things that show eyeballs when seen.


  • Bots should no longer try to heal allies while in spawn area.


  • Added a “Jump to Time” text box on the replay timeline to jump to a specific time in a replay while viewing it.
  • Added ability to pause replay recording while keeping the current replay open.


  • Draft Lobby dodge penalty no longer applies for Custom Matches.
  • No longer penalize players for someone in their party leaving a Draft Lobby.
  • Added Oceania servers (NOTE: Live 7/5)


  • Team Comms:
    • Re-arranged team comms and added deeper layers of communication in each category.
      • Attack
        • Attack Left / Right / Middle / [Buff]
          • Attack Red / Blue / Black / Prime Buff
      • Alert
        • Enemies Missing / Help / Retreat / [On My Way]
          • On My Way / Left / Right / Middle
      • Defend
        • Defend Left / Right / Middle / [Care]
          • Careful Left / Right / Middle / Jungle
      • Notify
        • Ultimate Ready / Group Up / Be Right Back / [Other]
          • Good Job / Sorry / We Need Wards / Don’t Chase
    • Added a “cancel team comms” prompt with button indicator to the team comms widget.
    • Changed “MIA” to “Enemies Missing” to increase clarity.
    • Rate limiter to reduce “spammy” team comms.
    • Turned the gesture drawing line red so it is clear when it is in gesture mode.
    • If you draw a straight line, you now get the deepest option in that direction.
  • Directional damage indicators now louder.
  • Added “Show Basic Attack Range Indicator” option to settings.
  • Added PlayStation 4 controller shortcuts to a large number of functions.
  • Added force feedback on melee hit and melee miss.
  • Added force feedback on shots fired for shooters.
  • Added friendly team card purchase / complete / discard messages to chat.
  • When a Hero’s health regen goes up, the health regen text now temporarily scales up.
  • Health pips now correctly oriented for enemy minions.
    • Minion health clarity improved.
  • Improved sequencing of CP/XP floating numbers and CP/XP meters responding to numbers.
  • Chat window is slightly larger.
  • Radial Select Enabled.
    • Allows usage of items with right-stick on PS4 controller.
  • Replaced starting splash screen and loading screen.
  • Replaced the old minion icon.
  • Status Icons added to profile overview screen.
  • Focusing chat window when initiating a chat from the party bar.
    • Also changed “whisper” to “chat” in the menu.
  • Several early level-up rewards have changed.
    • Below are tables of the upcoming rewards structure. Players will retroactively receive rewards for the days/levels they have achieved.
Paragon Level New Additional Reward*
Level 7 Brand of the Iron Eater, Lesser Drain, Drain
Level 8 Magna-Lens, Minor Shock, Shock
Level 9 Thirstfang, Lesser Drain, Drain
Level 10 Elysian Diamond, Basic Spark, Spark
Level 11 Flashfire Piston
Level 12 Overflowing Gifts
Level 13 Traitor’s Touch
Level 14 Offensive Maneuvers
Level 15 Ring of Domina


Daily Reward (victory Chest) New Additonal Reward
Day 1 100 Coins
Day 2 100 Coins, 3 day XP boost, Card Pack
Day 3 100 Coins, 3 day Rep Boost, Card Pack
Day 4 100 Coins, 3 Win XP Boost
Day 5 150 Coins
Day 6 Random Fury Card
Day 7 Random Order card
Day 8 Random Intelligence Card
Day 9 Random Growth Card
Day 10 Random Corruption Card
Day 11 Random Universal Card
Day 12 Random Fury Card, Random Order Card, Random Intelligence Card, Random Growth Card, Random Coruption Card

*These rewards are all in addition to the Card Packs, Reputation, and other rewards you would previously receive.

  • Added first-time event tips for several actions.
  • Added build order guide to card shop.
  • Post-match screen received major revamp.
  • Home page screen received major revamp.
  • Added a Card Shop tutorial for the first time you open it.
  • Changed the main font for the UI.
  • Overhead health indicator now on by default and has improved visuals.
  • Tower indicators are more prominent when player is under tower.
  • Minion count on tower now flashes red when entering a dangerously low state.
  • Added tutorial quest when playing Solo vs. AI guide the player to important tasks.
  • Reliquary renamed to Loot Crate.
  • Added language support for Arabic, Polish, and Brazilian-Portuguese.


  • Directional attenuation settings on enemies and teammates adjusted to that attacks can be heard if you are standing directly behind shooting player.
  • Fixing up the Audio Settings menu
    • Added Master, Music, Sound Effects and Voice Sliders.
    • Changed the label of the “Other” volume slider to “Sound Effects”
    • Defaulted the volumes to 0.7 instead of 1.0
    • Fixed an issue where the volumes would go to 0 if you changed the window mode.


  • Reduced Basic Attack card scaling of casters from 0.7 to 0.4.
  • Player Bounties
    • Changed killing spree so that it starts on 3 kills instead of 6.
    • Increased Player Bounty from 570 CP to 860 CP.
    • Increased Player kill streak multipliers for 2, 3, 4, 5, kills and beyond from [1.15x, 1.3x, 1.45x, 1.6x] to [1.3x, 1.6x, 1.85x, 2.25x].
    • Heroes now receive damage resistance vs structures (towers, inhibitors and the core) when buying any kind of armor.
      • This calculation uses the sum of the Hero’s armor.
        • Values under 170 total armor result in less than 6%
        • 200 provides ~10%
        • 290 provides ~20%
        • 300 provides ~22.5%
        • 350 provides ~30%
        • 440 provides ~40%
        • Values over 450 rapidly diminish to 45%


  • Stasis Bomb
    • Reduced AOE from 300 to 180.
    • Reduced stun duration from [1, 1.4, 1.8, 2.2] to  [0.5, 0.8, 1.1, 1.5].
  • Containment Fence
    • Increased cooldown from 100 to 180 at all levels.

Feng Mao

  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Updated tooltip of Primary Ability.


  • Tesla Dome
    • No longer occasionally does an extra tick of damage.
  • Seek & Destroy
    • No longer disappears if Gadget is silenced after casting it.
    • Corrected an issue that could cause the amount of damage dealt to be less than intended.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Limited Gadget Speed Gate damage sound to 1 .


  • Black Hole
    • No longer receives CC immunity during ultimate.
    • No longer applies shield.


  • G.T.F.O
    • Reduced card scaling from [1, 1.5, 2] to 1 at all levels.


  • Warlord’s Challenge
    • Bleed is now applied correctly to weapons even if silenced or stunned after ulting.
    • Grux’s basic attacks now correctly do full damage instead of being reduced slightly during the ability.


  • Slow Grenades
    • Now correctly refreshes the slow duration when an enemy hero hits multiple grenades over time.
    • No longer disappears if Howitzer is silenced after casting.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Updated tooltip of some abilities.
    • Added Howitzer suit start-up sound.
    • Audio adjustments on Make it Rain sounds to be louder on explosion, quieter on shot.

Iggy and Scroch

  • Flame Turret
    • Turret fuel/fire time adjusted from [10, 11.5, 13, 14.5] to 12 at all levels.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Increased audio volume of Flame Belch.


  • Added Red Death Kallari Skin.
  • Shadow Walk
    • Activating Shadow Walk while on a Shadow Pad will no longer take you out of stealth before putting you back into stealth.
  • Death Sentence
    • Fixed an issue where a partial cooldown was triggered if Kallari died during the channel, but full cooldown if cancelled.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Updated tooltip for Shadow Walk.
    • Fix foot sliding around while stunned.


  • Unleash
    • Khaimera can no longer be silenced or CC’ed out of Unleash once it’s active.
  • Spirit Regeneration
    • Health Regen stacks now shown on the HUD.
  • Cull
    • Unlocked movement (but not rotation) before the animation is complete.
    • Target’s root increased from .5 seconds to 1 second.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Added Splash FX for landing in the water with Ambush.
    • Updated tooltip of abilities.
    • Tweaks to the effects on Cull.
    • Fixed persistent glow on the moon emblem.


  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Updated audio for footsteps and some abilities.
    • Updated Devastating Blast tooltip to reflect that it ignores energy armor and has unlimited range.


  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Minor updates to Muriel’s animations.


  • Boulder Throw
    • Rampage can now throw boulders during Enraged.
    • Enraged Boulders throw instantly with a faster animation.
    • Adjusted Boulder Throw animation during Enraged.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Updated some ability tooltips.
    • Adjustments to his Enraged camera mode.


  • Riplash
    • Reduced mobility and camera lock when Riplash misses or the target dies.
  • Electrocute
    • No longer turns off if silenced after the activation.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • The Riplash ability tooltip should now list card scaling correctly.


  • Subjugate
    • Fixed an issue where Subjugate could be interrupted after it was already cast complete.
  • Colossal Blow
    • Fixed an issue where the cooldown wouldn’t always apply full duration when successfully cast
    • Fixed an issue which would prevent other abilities being activated during the recovery animation.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Fixed a bug that was allowing ability FX to be shown for Siphon and Colossal Blow even if it was interrupted before damage done.


  • Bow Shot
    • Projectile speed should now be consistent with all other projectile speeds.
  • Piercing Shot
    • No longer disappears if Sparrow is silenced or stunned after cast.
  • Relentless
    • Increased duration of stacks from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing:
    • Added sound to Sparrow emote, victory, respawn, match start, and select screens.


  • Added Diesel Steel Skin


  • Barrage
    • This ability can now critically strike.
  • Polish/Bug Fixing
    • Fixed an issue where Twinblast wasn’t getting the full value of crit.


  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t shop while dead.
  • Fixed some HUD issues with Cooldown Reduction on Card abilities.
  • Fixed occasional crash after clicking “Rate Players.”


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