Epic has skipped this week’s Paragon patch update and moved straight on to v.30 ahead of next week’s open beta.

This v.30 update comes with a few changes and Gideon’s meteor is now an actual meteor which and now looks so much better. Murial’s Consecrated Ground has been tweaked and there’s some card changes too. Finally, there’s new skins for Iggy, Grux and Gideon. The new Grux skin looks fantastic.

Here’s the Paragon patch notes video and the full notes are below.

Paragon Release Notes – .30


  • Featured page in the store has been redesigned.


  • Fixed bots sometimes not noticing enemies and running past them.


  • Updated some collision around Agora to prevent AI getting stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where missing geometry collision allows heroes to fall through the map.


  • Consumables
    • Starter Health/Mana potions and Rare Potions of the same regen type (Health or Mana) can no longer be activated at the same time.
  • Equipment
    • Hydroverser
      • Increased damage based on current mana from 5% to 7%.
    • Traitor’s Touch
      • Reduced passive damage based on enemy player’s current health from 5% to 3%.
  • Fixed a bug with Battle Mantra that would allow it to fill up the status bar with icons that persisted.
  • Added new decal for Stasis Gem to better highlight use of the card to other players.
  • Fixed incorrect visual effects for Order and Fury Potions.


  • Improved Quick Chat description in Draft Lobby when selecting Any Lane/Role.
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes fail to get their Hero if they locked in too quickly.


  • Updated the loading screen art to be consistent.
  • Fixed a missing sound effects in the main menus.
  • Fix for PS4 player not having a suggested players list if they have more than 100 PSN friends.
  • Fix for PSN invitation error when PC player is promoted to leader of the party.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect emote animations were playing when looking at Feng Mao, Grux, or Sparrow’s Master Challenge trees.
  • Channelling card abilities will block players from entering the shop.


  • Fixed a bug where looping audio sometimes persists in Agora.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow audio from victory animation to continue after the porting out.
  • New music during loading screens.


  • Heroes affected by movement speed steroids (e.g. Muriel’s Alacrity or Gadget’s Speed Gate) now have attached visual FX.


  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Sprint Mode animations have been adjusted.


  • Seek & Destroy
    • Can no longer be interrupted once activated.


  • Inquisitor Gideon skin added to in-game store.
  • Torn Space
    • Distance teleported is now reflected in the tooltip.
  • Cosmic Rift
    • Area of Effect has been reduced.
    • All ability damage applied in one meteor impact – no adjustment to damage.
    • Meteor visualization changed to match new gameplay.
  • Burden
    • Movement slow is now reflected in tooltip.
  • Black Hole
    • Initial cast time reduced from 1.0 second to .5 seconds.
  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Fixed an issue where Gideon could charge sprint during Burden’s tether period.
    • Fixed an issue where Gideon could teleport through environment geometry using Torn Space.
    • Sound FX added for recall, taunt and level start animations.


  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Killing the Prime Guardian with the damage from Reforged now properly awards Greystone with the Orb Prime Buff.


  • Ruby Scarab Grux skin added to in-game store.

Iggy & Scorch

  • Fireball Iggy & Scorch skin added to in-game store.
  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Fixed an issue where turrets could deal slightly more damage than reflected in the tooltip.
    • Added sounds to recall, taunt and level start animations.


  • Death Sentence
    • Improved targeting of nearby enemies.
  • Crippling Dagger
    • Movement slow is now reflected in the tooltip.


  • Ambush
    • Improved targeting of enemy players.
  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Fixed an issue which prevented Ambush and Cull from targeting heroes in the Shadow Plane who were visible to Khaimera.


  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Updated Long Arm of the Law’s sound effects.


  • Consecrated Ground
    • Cooldown has been reduced by 2 seconds at all levels [18, 17, 16, 15] to [16, 15, 14, 13]
  • Reversal of Fortune
    • Improved targeting of nearby allies.
    • No longer targets teammates that are in the process of recalling.


  • Shock Therapy
    • Can now be cancelled by re-activating the ability.
    • Movement slow is now reflected in the tooltip.


  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • No longer leaves a lingering effect after death.


  • Bug Fix/Polish
    • Added sounds to recall, taunt, and level start animations.


  • Fixed an issue where player movement blocks were not respected upon disconnect/reconnect.
  • Fixed some rare cases where a PS4 player would fail to join a party after accepting an invite from a PC player.
  • Fixed a bug where a user would run out of memory while scrubbing in a replay.
  • Fixed an issue where the carried buffs were becoming black in lower quality settings.
  • Projectiles, Jungle buffs and other placed abilities no longer show up during end game cinematic.
  • Fixed a bug where during the end of match cinematic would allow Greystone’s camera animation to play once the game was over.
  • Fix for players not appearing on scoreboard in replays of games they played in.
  • Fixed ability screen FX on movement abilities addressing visibility inconsistency.
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