adventure park (2)

The park of your dreams.

If you read my preview back in July, you’ll know that Adventure Park is a game all about denying people basic toilet facilities, imprisoning children and cutting down lots of trees to make money. I mean, I guess it might be about more than that, but the preview code I received had German instructions so it was a bit difficult to tell.

Anyway, I was happy enough playing it in the way I desired – and maybe that’s the point. It seemed to have a sort of campaign mode alongside the freeplay option, but I found it to be a bit less cynical than Theme Park used to be (no dumping mountains of salt on the chips to make people thirsty, that I could find.) The game is now available on Steam, with a discount of 20% for the first week of launch. That makes it $24.00 USD rather than the usual $30.00 USD.

Here’s a trailer that, I’m pleased to say, accurately portrays the fact that all of your parks seem to exist in the middle of deserts, far from any signs of civilisation. It’s also in German.

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