Parkasaurus will challenge you to design a dino park

Parkasaurus will challenge you to design a dino park

Coming from developer Washbear Games is Parkasaurus, which as the title suggests, is a dinosaur park management game.

Parkasaurus will be coming to Early Access this summer and players will have to craft the perfect dinosaur exhibits, partake in dinosaur breeding, and even add dino accessories to their exhibited beasts. Other features that are being touted by Washbear are day and night cycles, seasons which will provide different challenges, and a first-person view.

To tell you a little more about the game the team has put together this video which details how the exhibits work and how to create the perfect environment for particular dinosaur species. While it’s got some competition from Jurassic World Evolution, Parkasaurus has its own style which should work in its favour.

Paul Younger

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