Vampire Survivors New Stage Content Weapon Changes Feat

The rogue-lite Vampire Survivors is still fiercely swinging its whip, with tens of thousands of players still sending monsters back down to Hell. And today, demons slayers the world over have more reason to dive back into the slaughter. Developer poncle unleashed a patch today for Vampire Survivors, adding more content like a new stage (at last).

Having another area to explore and fight has been in high demand for a while. Previously, Vampire Survivors only had a few locations, so more content like a new stage is most definitely welcome. There is a hoop you need to jump through in order to unlock it, though. Frankly, if your monster-hunting skills are up to snuff, then you shouldn’t find the requirement too taxing.


Without revealing too much, just go play in the Inlaid Library for a while and check the new achievements. The new stage looks to be a monster laboratory, which certainly fits well with the game’s theme. Except I think it’s called Dairy Plant. Its theme music, “Copper Green Intent,” slaps, and the name definitely seems like a direct reference to “Iron Blue Intention” heard in some Castlevania games. My favorite version is from Castlevania: Bloodlines, and I’m sure knowing this would please you.

Vampire Survivors New Stage Content Weapon Changes Map

Whip it good

A new map is great, but more weapons is also the kind of content needed for Vampire Survivors. Leaving the beta, the newest weapon to add to your repertoire is the Song of Mana. Like some other weapons in the game, you can upgrade the Song of Mana into a more powerful form. To do so, you’ll need to claim the Skull O’ Maniac. Try it out. If you like the new weapon, it could say something about you.

The patch also changes some things up for the game. The characters Antonio, Gennar, and Clerici have been buffed with an HP bonus. Antonio gets another upgrade to his armor, though. Krochi got a buff to his move speed. Other than some optimizations, the patch makes it so hidden items will appear in stages no matter what.

The future is looking good for Vampire Survivors. poncle writes that more is being worked on, such as quality of life improvements and swapping the game to a “standard game engine.” As for more content, Vampire Survivors will receive it, but updates will be slowed down while the team works “more towards having feature parity between the new version and the current one.”

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