New Path of Exile 2 trailer revealed at Summer Game Fest

Path Of Exile 2 Trailer Huts Fire

During today’s Summer Game Fest presentation, developer Grinding Gear Games unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile 2. Naturally, this game follows up on the original Path of Exile, which first came to PC all the way back in 2013. Given that a little less than a decade has passed since then, fans of that title no doubt feel eager to see how Path of Exile 2 builds upon its gameplay foundations.

Don’t expect anything too in-depth when watching this new trailer, though. Clocking in at just over a minute, the Path of Exile 2 trailer, referred to as the Ngamakanui teaser, consists of a brief snippet of gameplay depicting a Witch class character inadvertently ending up in a fight with waves of monsters. She fends them off using basic electric shots, waves of frost, sparks of electricity that travel along the ground, and the occasional meteor-like spell. As she fights these monsters, a much larger monster wielding two weapons busts through the doorway behind her before the trailer cuts to the game’s title.

Two games in one

Once Path of Exile 2 comes out, players will have access to a brand-new story campaign spanning seven acts. If players jumping into the sequel have not yet experienced the campaign from the original game, they do not need to worry. Since Path of Exile 2 and its predecessor have the same client, players can experience the story campaigns from both games in a single package. And thanks to Path of Exile 2’s improved visuals and mechanics, returning to Path of Exile 1’s campaign should feel fresh for veterans as well as newcomers.

The end of the Path of Exile 2 trailer reveals that the developers will have more to share on the game come July 28. Players excited to try the game out will for sure want to mark their calendars and see what’s in store for them.

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