Grinding Gear Games gets ready to launch the Beta test for their action RPG.
Path of Exile has been in Alpha testing for some time and it’s finally going into beta testing today. This upcoming title has been catching the eyes of action RPG fans thanks to it’s similar styling to the original Diablo series with its moody feel and gameplay style.
Blizzard dropped quite a few bombshells last week with their real money auction house and always-on connection requirement and Grinding Gear’s free to play title will be ticking quite a few boxes for fans of the genre if Blizzard’s changes to Diablo 3 don’t appeal.
Grinding Gear will be monetising the game through vanity item sales so there is no worry of real money trading if that sort of thing concerns you.
You can head to the Path of Exile website and get your name down to test if you haven’t already.
Watch out for an interview with Grinding Gear here on IncGamers very soon.

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