Grinding Gear Games recently revealed Act III for their ARPG Path of Exile which takes place in the city of Sarn. In this first update for Path of Exile Week, we take a closer look at some of the areas you’ll come across in this third act.

Path of Exile – Act 3 Map


The Eternal City of Sarn rests on the uplifted mantle of ancient tectonic upheaval. Cradling a great river that divides the city in two, the capital of the former Eternal Empire was once the most populous and flourishing city in all of Wraeclast. Now, the city is desolated and decrepit, overrun with shrivelled Undying and ravenous monsters that make short work of most who have the ill fortune to encounter them.

Despite this, a small group of exiles has formed a makeshift village on the easily defensible island in the middle of the river. Scavenging what they can from the ruins of the city, they are strong formidable in combat, but wary of newcomers, especially those who are unable to prove themselves.

Meanwhile, Piety and the ruthless Ebony Legion have arrived from Oriath and are capturing or killing any who stand in their way, as they seek to control the entire city. However, they face fierce resistance from the Ribbons, autonomous constructs that defend their territory with mindless violence.

Sarn is a city at war. Already, blood runs in the streets in a malicious echo of events long past. Will one side emerge victorious, or will history repeat itself and destroy everything once more?

Path of Exile – Act 3 Battlefront

The Battlefront

Outside the Solaris Temple, the Ebony Legion wages war against a mindless army of floating, red tapestries known as the Ribbons. The shredded remains of soldiers and Ribbons alike litter the ground about the makeshift fortifications and burning incendiaries that sketch the fluctuating front lines of the ongoing battle.

By summoning a massive thaumaturgical barrier at the end of the bridge, the Legion have gained control of the only means of crossing the great river that divides the city of Sarn. It also provides them a secure foothold for their invasion of the Temple.

Path of Exile – Act 3 Solaris Door

The Solaris Temple

The Eternal Empire built this temple in reverence to the right eye of God, Solaris the Judging. Although centuries have passed since then, the temple has not fallen into disrepair or ruin, entirely due to the thankless efforts of the Ribbons housed inside.

Its soft, thick carpets remain rich and vibrant, its gold furnishings and statues shine with polish, and its decorated passages are free of the undead, the Undying, and any wild creatures. Its splendour stands in stark contrast to the rest of the decrepit, dilapidated city. The Solaris Temple is protected and maintained by a great magic of ancient times. It is a fortress of luxury.


The Docks

These rotting, fetid docks were once filled with cargo ships ferrying assorted materials back and forth, servicing the nearby refinery. Now they are haunted by the ghosts of slaves and masters alike. Some were killed by the physical labour, some by toxic cargo, and many more were claimed in the final cataclysm. But regardless of the cause of their death, all these spirits are eager to welcome newcomers into their ranks.

Stay tuned for more on Act III over the rest of this week as well as developer interviews and the closed Beta key giveaway.

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