Path of Exile week continues on IncGamers with a look at some of the monsters that appear in Act III. Don’t forget to check out our first day of coverage which looks at the areas of Act III.

The Ebony Legion

The Ebony Legion are a long way from their home in Oriath. They have blazed their way to Sarn, and occupied the bridge that joins the two halves of the city. Their garrison on the west side funnels their troops across the bridge to the Battlefront on the east.

Although the Solaris Temple is not their sole objective, a substantial portion of their troops are devoted to breaching its threshold. Under the unwavering command of General Gravicius, more and more soldiers are being sent to battle the continual tide of Ribbons flowing from the gates of the temple.

The Ribbons

Animated tapestries that float and kill with equal ease, the Ribbons are relics of the past that have persisted into the present. They protect the Solaris Temple and eradicate everything from the smallest of dirt stains to the fiercest of intruders. Over the centuries, they have kept the sacred site in pristine condition, polishing, reknitting, and repairing every blemish and fracture wrought by time.

No mercy is shown to any who dare trespass, be they soldiers of the Ebony Legion or wandering exiles fool enough to venture inside. The Ribbons eviscerate all intruders with mindless efficiency, as they viciously protect the secrets and treasures held within the temple… as well as the ancient will that guides them.

Stay tuned for more on Act III over the rest of this week as well as developer interviews and the closed Beta key giveaway. For more on Path of Exile visit

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