Path of Exile finally launches on 23 October – More content coming

Path of Exile

One of the longest running beta tests that I can remember, Path of Exile is almost ready for a full launch which means more new content for players.

Grinding Gear Games is ready to reveal more of Act 3, a new character class, PvP, guilds and integrated Steam features.

It’s been a long road for the small indie team from New Zealand and they’ve done a cracking job with the game since it was revealed three years ago.¬†Grinding Gear Games was actually founded in 2006 and it’s only in the past few years with rise in the popularity of crowd funding that game has really progressed at a quick pace.

I think most POE players will agree that the level of support and feature updates has been excellent since the beta launched which bodes well for the final release.

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  • Michael Wilton

    Wait… a new character class…? Did you just unintentionally reveal a spoiler you weren’t supposed to…????

  • mat

    no evryone knew for the new class