Path of Exile Forsaken Masters shot shows socket crafting – PvP gets Spectator mode

Grinding Gear Games tease more of the new expansion content in this Path of Exile Forsaken Masters screen.

One of the main updates in this next mini-expansion is the crafting system which is now also tied to the seven new Masters that are being introduced to the game. A new shot from GGG demonstrates Vorici’s Socket Crafting window that’s being added with socket combinations and prices.

path of exile forsaken masters

The interface layout and pricing is by no means final according to GGG but it does give you a rough idea how it’s going to work.

In related news, they also mention an update to PvP in which they’ll be adding a spectator mode. Players will be able to hop into a PvP instance and watch the action. There will also be the ability to switch between players and spectators will be able to see hidden objects such as mines and traps which are hidden to players.

Path of Exile Forsaken Masters launches on 20 August and you can read more about it here.

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