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Path of Exile is a dense game, with an unfathomable amount of ways to customize your character. One of these methods is through the Passive Skill Tree, a massive spider web of skills and bonuses with 1,325 options. With the passive skill tree, you can spend points and select different skills which will give buffs or special effects to your character. Compliment your character build by customizing your skill tree perfectly. Follow this guide to learn how the Passive Skill Tree works in Path of Exile.

As you level up or complete specific quests, you’ll earn Passive Skill Points that you can spend toward various bonuses. Every character starts at the same place, but with 1,325 options, you can choose to branch out in your Passive Skill Tree any way you’d like. Different character builds require certain build paths, but you can experiment any way you’d like. There are numerous branching paths, but generally, one path will benefit Intelligence builds, others Dexterity builds, and others Strength builds.

How does the Passive Skill Tree work in Path of Exile?

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To allocate a point, simply click on an available icon, and then click “Apply Points” located at the top of the screen. If you feel like you have made a mistake in your build path, then you can refund a limited number of points as well. You can obtain Refund Points to earn Passive Skill Points from certain quests or rare items. Once you refund a point, you’ll have to delete a skill you’re using to earn one point back.

There are numerous levels of passive skills that you can allocate. Regular skills (indicated by the smallest icons) typically are basic stat increases, such as an increase to maximum life or Intelligence. Other skills allow you to choose from a list of buffs to give your character once you allocate it. There are “Keystone passives,” which change the way your character is played by providing a medley of positive and negative effects.

The Passive Skill Tree also has an Ascendancy Skill Tree which provides huge buffs to your specific class. These skills require Ascendancy Points, which you can earn by completing various side quests. These skills are important for your specific class, and you can tailor them to your special build. You can refund these skills, but this will require you to spend 5 Refund Points instead of 1. Be sure to choose the perfect Ascendancy skills for your build.

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