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A little later than expected but the next update is now live with a race schedule.

The latest Path of Exile patch has just been deployed and this update includes new skills, new unique items, race season nine and more. This latest race season also now has a schedule page and players should check that out for all the events and times.

This patch actually includes quite a few new additions as highlighted in the minor features section so take some time to read through that so you don’t miss anything new. Here’s the full notes…

Version 1.2.4

Major Features/Content:

  • Added a new Intelligence skill – Herald of Thunder: Channel lightning through your hands, adding lightning damage to spells and attacks. If you kill a shocked enemy, lightning bolts will strike enemies around you for a short duration. Herald of Thunder is first available to the Witch, Templar, Shadow and Scion from the Lost in Love quest in Act 3, normal difficulty.
  • Added a new Intelligence skill – Lightning Tendrils: Lightning is released from your hands four times in quick succession, damaging all enemies in an arc in front of you. Lightning Tendrils is first available to the Witch, Templar and Scion from the Enemy at the Gate quest and for the Shadow from the Mercy Mission quest in Act 1, normal difficulty.
  • Added two new unique items, one of which was designed by a supporter.
  • Added a new microtransaction skin for Shields: Seraph Shield Skin.
  • Added a new microtransaction skin for One-handed Swords, Maces, Sceptres and Axes: Seraph Sword Skin.
  • Added a new microtransaction category for Hideout Decorations, in this category you will find eight new hideout decorations that can be purchased and added to your personal Hideout.
  • Added the capability to use Ctrl+Click to move items from your inventory to crafting benches and map devices, including the map device found in the Eternal Laboratory.
  • Added support for Race Season Nine.

Minor Features/Content:

  • Implemented the capability to Shift+Click when using currency on strongboxes to apply multiple of them without having to reselect the currency item.
  • Added the functionality to create instances of the area you are currently in through the waypoint, you can do this by Ctrl+Clicking the Waypoint and selecting “New”.
  • Added the /abandon_daily chat command as a last resort to abandon daily missions which are stuck open.
  • Added an option for preferred loot allocation. This appears in the UI section of the options panel.
  • Added a “mark as read” option for private messages on the website.
  • Captain Fairgraves now has Ghostfire Footprints Effect.
  • Added a warning when editing your guild tag for the first time.
  • Added 3D Art for the following unique items: Bones of Ullr and Ezomyte Peak.
  • Improvements have been made to portal audio when used in a map device, specifically when multiple portals are open simultaneously.
  • Many of the hideouts have had their ground flattened.
  • Improved the selection box on the Lodestones for the Zana missions.
  • When purchasing hideout decorations from a master outside of your hideout, it now opens the Hideout Stash Tab instead of your inventory.
  • Improved portal labels overlapping when multiple portals are present in town.
  • Dialogue should now fade out when you stop talking to an NPC.
  • Increased the maximum zoom on the website’s Passive Skill Tree.
  • Improved the generation of corrupted side areas in the Archives area.
  • When viewing the stash tab list in the client, you can now type to jump to tabs that have names starting with those letters.
  • Added a mission minimap marker to the Haku mission boss that holds the Spirit.
  • Increased the range at which you can use currency on Strongboxes.
  • Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.


  • Knockback no longer affects targets which are Leap Slamming. It resulted in cases where they could get trapped inside objects if knocked back while leaping over them.
  • Colossal Bonestalkers have had their life and damage reduced.
  • Slightly reduced damage dealt by Plummeting Ursas.
  • The Corrupted Bone Lord necromancer monsters in the Slay the Corrupted monsters Zana mission variation no longer use Summon Skeletons, Desecrate or Bone Offering.
  • Minion and totem resistances have been standardised. Raised Zombies now have 35% and all other minions and player-summoned totems have 25% Fire, Cold and Lightning resistance in all difficulties.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the Oriath’s Vengeance unique boss in the Courtyard End-game map.
  • Herald of Ice no longer has the Spell tag, and instead has the Cast tag (to make it more clear that it does not deal spell damage).
  • The cost of a full stack of Cartographer’s Chisels from level 7 Zana has been reduced from 16 Chaos Orbs to 12 Chaos Orbs.
  • Zana map mods have had their prices adjusted. Ambush, Nemesis and Domination have had their prices reduced. Anarchy and Invasion have had their prices reduced and now grant 16% increased item quantity. Onslaught has had its price increased.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rogue Exiles spawned as targets for Vorici missions no longer count towards /remaining.
  • Fixed an issue where Carrion Queens were not spawned with Carrion Minion packs in various situations.
  • Fixed a bug where Augustina Solaria had no damage range on her attacks.
  • Fixed a bug where the Chill Duration on the Freeze and Chill Duration master crafted mod had no value.
  • Fixed a bug where the Plummeting Ursa monster would sometimes play its drop attack animation twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the Traps created in one of the Vagan mission variations could create Beyond demons when they were destroyed or killed.
  • Fixed a bug where Catarina and Vorici could repeat their attention audio twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the Mutated Ursa boss in one of the Tora mission variations had no limit on the number of minions it could summon.
  • Fixed a bug in various Haku mission variations where approaching a boss with the spirit attached to it would cause it to play the picked-up-spirit audio.
  • Fixed a bug where Rogue Exiles would get additional benefits from Endurance, Power and Frenzy charges.
  • Fixed a bug where the Cavern of Wrath and Cavern of Anger could have inaccessible areas.
  • Fixed a bug where some Prison levels could have inaccessible areas.
  • Fixed a bug where rocks could spawn in the boss room in the Maelstrom of Chaos unique map. Merveil could teleport inside of them and become trapped.
  • Fixed a bug where various Catarina hideout decorations had incorrect blocking (specifically Crypt rubbles).
  • Fixed a rare case where resurrecting at the checkpoint in the Broken Bridge area could get the player trapped inside a piece of terrain.
  • Fixed a bug which appeared in the Vagan and Elreon library mission areas where you could use the stairs before using the candle to open the bookcase.
  • Fixed a bug where the one of the Catarina daily variations would place you at the totem instead of at Catarina.
  • Fixed a bug where Vaal Storm Call did not strike multiple targets as frequently as intended.
  • Fixed an occasional client crash with the Vorici mission variation which involves you opening the chest.
  • Fixed a bug where the splash damage from Carrion Queen projectiles was not evadable.
  • Fixed a bug where your sound effects volume could be set to 0 when starting the client.
  • Fixed a bug where the timed Zana mission’s timer could start again after the mission was completed or failed, if another player entered the area.
  • Fixed a bug in the Crematorium where some of the doors would have metal doors inside them.
  • Fixed a bug where the traps created in one of the Vagan mission variations would count towards /remaining.
  • Fixed a bug where Vagan was once again too chatty.
  • Fixed bugs with /global and /trade chat commands.
  • Fixed a bug with the Adder’s Claw microtransaction weapon skin flipping upside down for certain animations.
  • Fixed a bug where the Relics in Elreon’s kill-the-relic mission variations could be dominated/converted by Dominating Blow or Conversion Trap.
  • Fixed the case with daily missions where you would start the daily mission on a different character than the one which completed it, causing the portal to remain open.
  • Fixed a bug where the quality bonus on Herald of Ice applied twice to the explosion caused by shattering enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where too many Shrines were being generated when the Domination Zana crafted map mod was applied to certain maps.
  • Fixed a bug where not enough shrines were being generated when the Domination Zana crafted map mod was applied to the Temple map.
  • Fixed a bug where light radius increases from items were providing twice the increased item quantity and item rarity than intended in the Whakawairua Tuahu unique map.
  • Fixed a bug in the Zana missions that involve completing another master’s mission where failing that master’s mission would not correctly update the mission tracker information for Zana.
  • Fixed a bug where some mission-related objectives were not appearing on the minimap correctly.
  • Improved the efficiency of the credits. This removes stalling issues when speaking to Dialla after defeating Dominus in Normal difficulty.
  • Plummeting Ursas are no longer visible when in the air prior to doing their drop attack skill.
  • Fixed three rare instance crashes.
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