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Grinding Gear Games has announced a charity event in their action RPG, Path of Exile.

During the event only, opening on 10 May and running for two weeks, a new micro transaction has been added, the Angelic Mask helmet skin. This costs $5 (USD) with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity Child’s Play.

This event is in the form of a new league, combining both the existing Ambush and Invasion leagues. This means that this league is hardcore, with any characters that die moving into the standard league. With a new league, comes a fresh economy, meaning no access to your existing items. At the end of the two weeks, all your obtained items will move over to the Invasion league.

Prizes are also available to players in the new league, and reaching a certain character level will enter you in the draw to win anything from extra stash tabs in-game, to NVIDIA graphics cards, or even an hour long Skype session with the game’s lead developers. The good news for players not used to hardcore leagues is that even if your character dies, you will still be eligible for prize draws.

Child’s Play are a charity specifically funded through the gaming industry, devoted to bringing games and other entertainment to children in hospitals. Head on over to the site for more details and other ways to donate.

For more info about theĀ Path of Exile event and a run-down of all the prizes, follow this link.

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