Path of Exile The Awakeing

The day has finally come. The fourth act for Grinding Gear Game’s ARPG will be open to one and all.

After months of testing Path of Exile: The Awakening, this is shaping up to be the best expansion released by the GGG team yet. Although it’s easy to just focus on the new content, the old content has also been given a makeover with changes to many of the game’s earlier zones. Some areas have been condensed to improve the game’s flow in the older acts which makes a big difference, especially if you are starting a new character.

GGG have also ramped up the challenges in this expansion with a whole load of new bosses, skill gems, and gear which includes 119 new Unique Items and the Maraketh Weapons. Let’s also not forget 58 new Unique Jewels. Makings build just got a little more mad with the these new items slotting directly into 21 new sockets in the passives tree.

Having been running about in Act 4 for a few weeks it’s very clear that GGG have gone the extra mile with this expansion because Act 4 takes you on a wild ride through many different areas all with a very unique feel, more so than previous acts. Whether it’s the gloomy start of the act in Highgate, the mines or the lava levels, it does not disappoint.

The expansion is going live in around five hours time ( 12 PM PST) and the patch notes have already been released if you want to do your homework before GGG push the button.

POE players who have put the game down for a while might want to think about heading back into Wraeclast later today but take note of the following:

  • Due to substantial balance changes, every existing character has been granted an optional full passive reset. To use this, click the “Reset all Passives” button on the passive skill screen. Note that you must use this before allocating or refunding any other points otherwise the option will go away.
  • Many inactive character names have been made available. If you take the name of an existing character, then that user will be prompted to rename their character when they later try to log in to it. If you have logged onto any character on your account in the last year, then their names cannot be taken. Characters whose names are taken are not lost – their progress and items are still intact. They just need to pick a new name when they log in.
  • We recommend you create your first new character in the Warbands (or Tempest) challenge league to experience The Awakening. The entire game experience has changed from the first level onwards.


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