Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Echo Of Fury Arena Walkthrough Guide
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Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks Echo of Fury arena walkthrough guide

Enter the otherworldly arena.

The Echo of Fury arena is an exciting test of strength for you and your allies. This Pathfinder WOTR A Dance of Masks guide will grant you a walkthrough for the Echo of Fury arena so you can win against each fight ahead.

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Stage 1
Stage 2

Echo of Fury arena Stage 1 in Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks

The Echo of Fury arena in the Dance of Masks quest comprises three stages, each including five fights, and the end of each stage rewards you with a prize. The final fight of each stage will force you to fight against a powerful opponent before you win your reward, and from fight one to fight five it gets consecutively tougher. Let’s begin with Stage 1, which starts with two easy fights before you’re even introduced to the concept of the arena. These two fights are included in the five overall fights you have to complete for Stage 1.

Fight 1 – The adventurers
Fight 2 – Zovra and Arvoz
Fight 3 – Nosferatu
Fight 4 – The Magic Pranksters
Fight 5 – Aslynn

Stage 1 Fight 1 – The adventurers

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Echo Of Fury Arena Walkthrough Guide Stage 1 Fight 1
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Although this isn’t their official name, I’m assuming that the first group you’re given is a group of adventurers not too dissimilar to your party. This is the easiest fight of all the fights ahead, so there’s not much strategy to it. Before the group moves away, try hitting them with an AoE attack to get them all in one hit.

They also have the same amount of party members as you do, so you’re not outnumbered in any way. I took them out with an AoE spell, alongside a few arrows and swipes of a sword.

Stage 1 Fight 2 – Zovra and Arvoz

Stage 1 Fight 2
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Your next fight, which you are forced to participate in without rest, is against two dragons named Zovra and Arvoz. These dragons differ slightly in their immunities but can be roughly taken down in the same fashion. Zovra is immune to Cold, Fire, and Unholy Energy, while Arvoz is immune to Acid, Negative, and Sonic Energy.

Keep these immunities in mind when fighting them. You can check their character sheets by clicking their icons on the initiative bar at the top of the screen in turn-based mode. These large creatures have high ACs and are incredibly durable, so it’s not going to be super easy. I’d say to watch out for their cone attacks and to have your party spread out from one another, but the breath attacks are so large that you may find this difficult.

You may find it easier to focus on damaging one dragon and taking it down before tackling the other, narrowing down the enemies on the battlefield. I would advise you to buff your party with resistances or boosts, such as Stoneskin, Communal to protect your party from physical attacks when they get too close to the dragons. Speed boosts of sorts are good here too since you want to spread out from each other as fast as possible.

Stage 1 Fight 3 – Nosferatu

Stage 1 Fight 3
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After the first two fights, Drimo will explain how the tournament works, and you have the chance to leave and rest up. Do this before you continue, as the three next fights of Stage 1 get progressively tougher. The third fight has you up against Nosferatu Patrician, and this fight has some tricks that may catch you off guard.

This fight was one of the most annoying since you not only face off against an undead enemy but his pack of wolves and flying bats too. I highly advise you to spread out since this group of enemies can easily surround one of your allies, knocking them down and ganging up on them if they attempt to get back up again. AoE spells are the move here, as you want to eliminate all the wolves before handling Nosferatu.

Nosferatu can summon more flying bats, so put them lower on the priority list. Stoneskin, Communal, or any other buffs are best here because the enemy outnumbers you and can dish out plenty of harmful hits. I also found that having Arueshalae in my party was the best move, as she had some incredibly damaging ranged attacks that could wipe out the group of wolves quickly.

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Echo Of Fury Arena Walkthrough Guide Silver Weapons
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The problem with this fight happens at the end when you kill Nosferatu, or so you think. Since he’s undead, bringing him to zero health won’t cut it. I was stuck at the end wondering why the fight wasn’t ending until I realized you had to take the silver weapon off of one of the corpses in the arena.

Once you do that, your character will pick up a silver dagger. Equip that dagger and stab Nosferatu with it, and the fight will end. Once Nosferatu is down, his bats will also cease.

Stage 1 Fight 4 – The Magic Pranksters

Stage 1 Fight 4
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This next fight consisted of two Hogs of Desolation, two Constantly Irked Magic Users, and a Knight Commandant Prankster. This fight at first was pretty simple to tackle until the very end with an annoying vortex spell. It’s important to know that the Prankster and the Magic Users will try to avoid being hit by using spells like Concealment and Mirror Image. Concealment grants you a 50% chance of missing the target, while Mirror Image makes you hit the enemy’s copies before themselves.

You can counter Concealment with the spell True Seeing, or if you have the Blind Fight feat this can give you the chance to reroll against Concealment. Otherwise, for spells like Mirror Image, I used Arueshalae’s multiple bow attacks to get rid of the copies in just two turns. Use any character you have that can deal multiple attacks in one turn to get rid of Mirror Image.

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Echo Of Fury Arena Walkthrough Guide S1 F4
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Hogs of Desolation aren’t that special, and they were much easier to kill than the three other enemies. The truly tough part of this fight came at the end when one of the Magic Users cast some annoying spells. They forced all my party members to run away with an effect, and since there was ice on the ground it made it much tougher for them to get back to the fight. They also placed an Abyssal Storm spell in the room, and my characters kept getting into contact with it. Unfortunately, Arueshalae was stuck right inside of it, making her unusable for many turns.

To combat both these obstacles, buff your party members with abilities that can help them pass saving throws and increase their movement speed. Since this area was terrible terrain to walk through and made it impossible for my melee fighters to get near the enemy, it would’ve helped if they had Expeditious Retreat or Haste.

Stage 1 Fight 5 – Aslynn

Stage 1 Fight 5
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The final fight for Stage 1 of the Echo of Fury arena is against Aslynn. At first, you’ll just see Aslynn as a ghostly cat who runs across the arena. She won’t attack you first, but once you attack she’ll transform into the Chaotic Evil Monstrous Humanoid that she is, alongside summoning a few Child of Aslynns. Surprisingly, although this was the final fight I didn’t find it as hard as the previous two.

The Child of Aslynns are the easiest to take out, as they each only have 90 HP and an AC of 33. Aslynn is highly resistant to Sonic, Electricity, Fire, Cold, and Acid Energy, so I’d avoid using those damage types against her.

I had the best luck against Aslynn with spells like Scorching Ray (Ember succeeded multiple times in one turn), and Arueshalae again with her volley of arrows. Typically, she could fire five or six arrows in one turn, making it easy to chip away at Aslynn’s health.

If you’re struggling to hit Aslynn with her high AC, use spells that can buff your allies such as Bit of Luck (can roll a d20 twice) or Heroism (+2 morale bonus on attacks, saves, and skill checks). Otherwise, you shouldn’t have as tough of a time against Aslynn as you probably did against the last few enemies.

Stage 1 reward

After completing all of Stage 1, you’ll be rewarded with an achievement “Craving the Glory” for defeating Aslynn, and Drimo will grant you your first prize, which is a Cloak of Reflections:

  • Cloak of Reflections: This cloak of resistance +7 grants its wearer resistance 35 to fire, cold, and electricity and heals them a number of hit points equal to the amount of damage prevented.

Echo of Fury arena Stage 2 in Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks

Stage 2 presents you with five more challenging fights with uniquely skilled opponents. Here’s how to tackle all five fights in Stage 2 of the Echo of Fury arena.

Stage 2 Fight 1 – Llamolaek the Ascended

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Echo Of Fury Arena Walkthrough Guide Llamolaek
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Your main opponent in this first fight is Llamolaek the Ascended, who is a Neutral Evil Outsider aided by a few Blade of Contamination Constructs. While the Constructs are slightly Resistant to most Energy types, Llamolaek is only immune to Death and Acid. So how can you make him die?

Well, I noticed while looking back at my recorded combat that Llamolaek did indeed perish once I got it down to zero health. The whole fight, this creature had a bright shine to it, but near the very end, the shine went away, which is what I’m assuming was the key to killing it. I’m still not sure, but despite this immunity, I was able to kill it.

Llamolaek has Concealment on, so just like some of the previous fights you should cast True Seeing, Communal to ensure that you land your hits. With this activated, you should be able to avoid missing the creature for most of the time.

Getting rid of the few Constructs isn’t too difficult either, so take them out first then focus everything on Llamolaek. My Camellia had a great ability called Bane that could be used towards specific enemies depending on their type and alignment, so I used Evil Outsider Bane to grant her a +2 bonus and an extra 2d6 damage towards Llamolaek.

Stage 2 Fight 2 – The Dead Gods

The Dead Gods
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The second fight of Stage 2 has one Flesh of the Dead God (Chaotic Evil Undead) and three Blood of the Dead God (Neutral Evil Outsider) enemies. Flesh of the Dead God was immune to practically all mind-affecting effects, while the Bloods of the Dead God were immune to Acid, Electricity, and Cold damage most importantly. Best you avoid those three Energy types during this fight.

I didn’t have a tough time taking these down, Flesh of the Dead God had a huge chunk of health to knock down. Camille can use her Bane ability again to enchant her weapon and make it more deadly against the Undead and Outsider enemies.

Take down the weaker Bloods of the Dead God and then focus on killing the Undead creature. The Bloods have a pretty low AC so you shouldn’t have any problems with them. This fight is pretty straightforward compared to the next one.

Stage 2 Fight 3 – The Elementals

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Echo Of Fury Arena Walkthrough Guide Elementals
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This one may seem easy at first, but then you’ll realize the trick involved. You’ll be introduced to four enemies, each a different Elemental Pillar Guardian. Then you’ll see the Elemental Pillars behind them. You can tell they’re guarding them for a reason, which is why I’ll advise you to aim directly for the Pillars first.

Despite this tip, I wasn’t sure if it was true or not, but I thought I noticed that hitting the Pillars was more difficult when their Elemental Guardians were up and alive. So if you find that your characters aren’t getting hits onto the Pillars, try getting rid of any Guardian in the way.

Elemental Pillar
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This is important because each turn that passes, a Pillar will summon a new Guardian. The Elemental Guardians can pile up quickly, but getting rid of the Pillar ensures that no more will spawn. Quite obviously, each Pillar and associated Guardian is immune to their specific element. For example, the Igneous Pillar and Fire Elemental Pillar Guardian are immune to Fire.

The ACs of these Guardians aren’t the problem, I found that my characters would often miss hitting the Pillars. To counter this, try to use buff spells that can aid in hitting your targets above their AC. You may also want a character to use a spell that hits no matter what, such as Magic Missle. Take down all the Pillars and Guardians, and you’ll be done with this fight.

Stage 2 Fight 4 – Runelord of Wrath

Soul Crushing Devastator
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I had a terrible time with this fight specifically because one of the enemies cast Icy Prison, Mass which rendered the majority of my team immobile and unable to succeed their saving throws.

First off, the main gigantic enemy you’ll notice is the Soul-Crushing Devastator (Chaotic Evil Construct). It’s immune to numerous Energy types such as Cold, Acid, Electricity, and Fire, as well as Negative and Positive. Focus on physical damage to take this one down. It has a huge AC of 49 but not a ton of HP. I got it to half health with Rain of Halberds.

Then there’s Vrock Eliminator who doesn’t have a huge AC or HP. I wouldn’t focus too much on this guy since the real mastermind here is Runelord of Wrath who is hiding in plain sight. Use True Seeing, Communal to have your party members able to see the Runelord since he has Mirror Image and Concealment, you won’t be able to hit him very well without this spell.

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Echo Of Fury Arena Walkthrough Guide Runelord
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Runelord will eventually cast Icy Prison, Mass on the party, rendering the majority of them completely immobile if they fail the Reflex saving throw. If you have any buffs to cast before this spell that can help with Reflex saving throws, use them. Only two of my party members succeeded, and every time one of the immobile characters made a Fortitude saving throw they seemed to fail consistently.

You’ll have to make do with who you have left and try to get rid of Runelord first. Once that happens, some of your party members may be able to succeed the Fortitude saving throw to get out of the Icy Prison. Since all enemies are practically Evil, it’s recommended to cast Protection from Evil, Communal to get a +2 deflection bonus to AC and a +2 bonus on saving throws.

Stage 2 Fight 5 – The Opposites

The Opposites
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The final fight of Stage 2 will earn you the achievement “Seeking the Glory” for defeating The Opposites, which makes sense since you’re against a Defender of Light who is a Neutral Good Outsider and a Prophet of Apollyon who is a Neutral Evil Outsider.

Again, with any enemy, you should make sure to use Camille’s Bane ability to gain a bonus against Outsiders. But make sure to change what alignment of Outsider she’s facing for Bane depending on the creature she’s attacking.

All four of the enemies on the battlefield had quite a bit of health and a hefty amount of AC, so this wasn’t an easy fight. This is the fight where you make sure to rest up and cast all the buffs you can before engaging in the fight.

Some good spells to use here would be Righteous Might (increases your size and boosts STR and CON), Frightful Aspect (size increase and bonuses to STR, CON, and AC amongst other buffs), Heroism (+2 bonus to attacks/saves/checks), and Prayer (+1 luck bonus to attacks, damage rolls, saves, and checks).

The toughest enemy to take down ended up being the Scholar of Sorts (Chaotic Neutral Outsider) who was pretty tough to hit and loved using the spell Chaos Hammer which hit a ton of my party members in a large cone. You need to make a successful Will save to stop being consistently hurt by this spell, so make sure to trigger those buffs with spells and abilities!

Stage 2 reward

As a reward for winning all five fights of Stage 2, you not only earn that “Seeking the Glory” achievement, but you are rewarded with a green necklace:

  • Heartstone of the Night Hag Queen: This stone grants its wearer a +7 natural armor enhancement bonus to AC and spell resistance 38 and increases the DC of all spells the wearer casts by 3.

Since we’re making our way through the arena ourselves, we haven’t completed the third and final stage yet. Once we do, we’ll update this walkthrough guide on how to beat the Echo of Fury arena fights ahead in the Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks DLC. There are plenty of other features with A Dance of Masks, such as 11 new Archetypes.

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