Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Thieves In The City Quest Guide
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Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks Thieves in the City quest guide: Sister Kerismei, mysterious thieves, explained

Daylight robbery.

One of the many quests in the Dance of Masks DLC in Pathfinder WOTR is Thieves in the City, and this quest guide will uncover how to find Sister Kerosmei and track down these mysterious thieves.

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How to find Sister Kerismei in Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks Thieves in the City

You’ll first pick up the Thieves in the City quest after witnessing a robbery right in plain sight. This happened after interacting with the straw effigies near the center of the festival. After noticing the theft, someone will say that Sister Kerismei probably knows about the mysterious thieves.

Sister Kerismei
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If you’re having trouble spotting Sister Kerismei in this busy festival, walk up the giant stairs beside the crime scene. You’ll find Sister Kerismei at the top of the stairs to the left. Tell Sister Kerismei about the theft, and she’ll tell you to examine the crime scene.

How to track the thieves in Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks Thieves in the City

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Thieves In The City Quest Guide Footprints
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You can examine all the clues in the nearby vicinity all you like, but they won’t tell you anything about where these thieves are. Start by walking down the path heading southwest behind where the crime took place. Along this pathway, you should spot red footprints leaving a trail.

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Thieves In The City Quest Guide Second Footprints
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At the end of the path, turn right and walk towards the small stairwell. You’ll see another set of footprints heading up the stairs. Once you climb up the stairs, take a sharp left until you make it to more footprints leading to a wooden cart.

Pathfinder Wotr Dance Of Masks Thieves In The City Quest Guide Loot
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Behind the wooden cart is a stash of loot hiding behind a wooden plank. Interact with the loot, and the group of mysterious thieves will appear. Brother Zerd will speak up and tell you that they needed to steal to feed their clan. Since demons butchered their cattle, and they can’t find work, they’ve resorted to thievery.

All endings to Thieves in the City quest

Thieves Endings
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There are four different options available to you which can change the course of these thieves’ lives:

  • Turn a blind eye, for a price.
  • Bring the thieves to Kerismei for work.
  • Summon the guards.
  • Let the thieves go.

If you choose to turn a blind eye, Brother Zerd will offer up half of the stash. You can accept this offer, or you can pass an Intimidate check to steal the entire stash from them. Both choices here will mildly disappoint Sister Kersmei, alongside the choice to summon the guards or let the thieves go.

Sister Kerismei Thieves
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Kerismei will explain her desire to see the thieves’ faces, but will still be okay with the results of the choice you made. If you decide to bring the thieves to Kerismei, you’ll have to convince her to give them jobs through a Diplomacy check. Succeed, and she’ll try her best to grant them jobs.

If you’re going for a heroic route, you’ll probably want to grant them work with Kerismei since it allows them to make money the right way. But if you’re feeling a bit evil, you can always steal their stash.

If you’re Lawful, you get the choice to summon the guards because thievery in your mind has no excuses. For any indifferent character, letting the thieves go is also a decent choice. But that doesn’t stop them from thieving again.

Now that you’ve completed the Thieves in the City quest in the Pathfinder WOTR Dance of Masks DLC, you may also be interested in a guide to conquering the Echo of Fury arena.

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