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I would like to try a support or caster class

Here are some recommendations for support and caster classes in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. To be clear, though, most options here are for more experienced players (barring a few exceptions). Caster classes need to consider a limit to the spells they can use each day, preparing magic they’d like to have in their spellbook, a somewhat lengthy casting time, and elemental damage/resistances.


Beginner-friendly #: Cleric – Think of the Cleric as a multipurpose priest. You’ve got healing spells, buffing spells, domain perks based on your chosen deity, and more. Ideally, you’ll want to stay at the backline to buff your allies or channel spells.

Note 1: The Cleric uses WIS as a primary stat. It’s also considered a Divine Caster, meaning it will receive all applicable spells when the class levels up. This is different from an Arcane Caster that needs to select a number of spells when leveling up.

Note 2: Another option is the Oracle class (which uses CHA). However, Oracles tend to have a curse at the start (which provides a blessing and a detriment). The detrimental aspect is more pronounced at lower levels. As you progress, though, the curse will eventually be weakened until you only have the benefits remaining.

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Ideal pick #1: Alchemist – Grenadier – Alchemists play a support role in your squad. Several archetype and subclass options allow you to brew potions to boost the capabilities of your allies.

As for the Grenadier, well, as the name implies, you’re going to be making a lot of bombs to make your opponents go boom! Another good pick is the Vivisectionist with its Sneak Attack ability. Background information about this archetype suggests that this is nifty for those who like to role-play as an evil character.

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Ideal pick #2: Bard or Skald – Bards and Skalds aren’t what you’d consider traditional spellcasters like Wizards and Sorcerers. But, they still have a support role due to songs that buff your entire party. Having said that, they can also function as frontline combatants akin to the Cleric (when built properly, of course). Heck, even the Skald uses the Barbarian’s Rage mechanic to grant buffs to allies.

  • For the Bard, I’m a bit partial to the Beast Tamer since it’s got animal summons. However, you’re better off with the Dirge Bard because of its perks that can counter the undead, necromancy, and fear.
  • If you went with the Skald, then the Demon Dancer adds flavor (pun intended) thanks to Fiendish Maw. You’ll inspire your party to the point where everyone gains a free bite attack. It’s actually fun if you plan to RP as a bunch of crazed demon worshippers.

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Ideal pick #3: Sorcerer – Whereas most caster classes in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous use INT as a main stat, most Sorcerers use CHA (which means they’re okay if your main character is the “face” of the party). Also, the class can cast spontaneously, meaning you don’t need to prep spells in your spellbook. The downside is that your spellbook is rather limited.

Another key feature is that Sorcerers use Bloodlines. These grant additional abilities, feats, and buffs that can be selected as you level up.

For archetype and subclass picks, here are some unique or decent ones:

  • Empyreal Sorcerer – This uses WIS as a main stat.
  • Sage Sorcerer – Uses INT as a main stat.
  • Crossblooded – Allows you to select two bloodlines. The second bloodline only gives you the bonus class skill and bonus spells.
  • Sylvan Sorcerer – It’s got an animal companion! Woohoo!

Note 1: Speaking of Bloodlines, there’s another class that uses the feature. It’s called the Bloodrager, and it fulfills a melee combatant role due to emphasis on STR and CON.

Note 2: Since I mentioned Sylvan Sorcerers having animal companions, you can also take a look at our mounts, animal companions, summons, and familiars guide for the other classes and archetypes that make the most out of furry, scaly, and ethereal critters.

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous is available via Steam.

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