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Night attack at the camp and rescuing your companions along the mountain path

Just when you’re close enough to the Lost Chapel in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, your movement on the world map will lead to a special event. Your camp gets attacked by gargoyles. This begins a quest called A Strike from the Sky.


Exit the tent and defeat the demons in the camp. You’ll meet up with some of your companions such as Lann, Camellia, and Seelah as you progress.

As for the others, they’ve been taken to the foothills below the Lost Chapel.

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Anyway, the goal is to follow the winding path that slopes upward. You’ll encounter more of your companions as you battle additional gargoyles. You can have them join the party immediately, or tell them to wait near the starting area. You’ll encounter your pals in this order: Nenio -> Ember/Daeran -> Sosiel -> Regill.

Note: Anevia (who’s also at the starting area) will let you swap among your party members.

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The gate to the Lost Chapel is guarded by several cultists. Their leader has the Honorable Judgment gnome hooked hammer (additional holy damage dealt vs. Chaotic enemies if the wielder follows the Lawful alignment).

Then, upon entering the Lost Chapel, you’ll see that several crusaders have been corrupted. Transformed Rathimus here drops an Amulet of Agile Fists (+2 bonus to unarmed attack/damage rolls). Oh, and if you managed to get her to join the crusade, Queen Galfrey will appear to lend a hand.

All right, we could discuss other stuff now:

  • You can visit the library to acquire the Lich Mythic Path.
  • Alternatively, you could rescue Irabeth and fight Nulkineth. This is our objective for the main quest.
  • Or, you can find the Shrine of Desna further down below the mountain, so we can recruit Arueshalae early. We discuss this process in a separate part of our Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Lost Chapel guide series.

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